Missing you...

It's been four years since michael left with luke Calum and Ashton...it's been to hard to face him...but Samina's missing him so much it hurts...


3. Chapter 2

Me and Sinnead were in the car with 5sos on the radio....


"What?...she answered"

"Why am I not going to school on Monday?"

She let out a sigh

"Okay...I'll tell you but promise to not tell anyone!"

I nodded....

"Right we'll...your mum got a call from hi or hey and they said that they wanted to make you famous!"

My eyes widened...

"They did!"

"Yes...so your going to play a couple of shows and go to a couple of interviews for the rest of the week...."

"I dunno what to say!"

"We'll I'm proud of you!" Sinnead said.

We got home and I walked into my house my lips went dry when I seen who was in my house...

It was him...Michael.....

"Mina!" Michael shouted...I just stood there in shock!

"Michael" I said quietly

"Mina I've missed you so much!" He hugged me tightly...

I stood there and a tear fell from my eye I can't take this no more I love Michael!...

I burs out crying and I hugged him tightly

"Michael I've missed you so much!...I'm so so so sorry I stopped speaking to you!"

"It's fine!" He smiled and so did i,

He looked at me in the eyes an I looked at him straight back and he pulled me in and kissed me,

I missed his touch so so so much!

His fingers intertwined with mine,

I held his hand so tightly I don't want to let go!

"You wanna come and see the boys?"

I looked at Sinnead and she nodded

"I'll come to if you want?" Michael nodded come on...

I was so happy we walked in and there they were luke,Calum and Ashton!

"MINA!" Calum screamed pullin me into a hug! "I've missed you so much!"

"Aw I missed you to cal!" He smiled

"Mina!" Luke shouted he also hugged me,

"You okay you look pale?"

I actually felt like I was gonna faint...

"Yeh I'm fine" I smiled

"Good" he said returning the smile

"Hey minamoo" and there was Ashton!

"Hey ash!" I said he also hugged me

"You haven't responded to any Of our texts?"

"I know I'm sorry I've been so busy"

"It's cool..." Ashton said

"We'll guys I'm happy to have my girl back"

"I know you've been crying about her for so long!" Luke said

I looked at Michael wide eyed!

"You have?" He nodded

"Yeh I've just missed you so much!"

"What about that Abigail girl!"

"Oh I never liked her"

Everything was spinning now!

"Michael I've been crying for four years!

"I'm so glad to have you back!" He smiled the bright smile I've missed for years!

I smiled the smile I have always wanted to smile for four years!

We stood in a hugged for a long time!

But I might loose him again!

I need something to take my mind off it for a couple of days...

I looked up at Michael to see him smiling so bright...

Just right...

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