The Shieldsman

A story of four young boys growing up in the tower block of flats in Percy Main in North Shields. the story follows them through to adulthood through mischief and lost innocence, love, tragedy, and finally triumph. If you remember what it was like growing up as a child then this story is definitely one for you.


66. 66

Joe left the restaurant then looked for a jewellery shop; he found one inside a mall on Steinberg Boulevard.

The night he had made love to Bella he picked up a piece of Bella’s costume jewellery in was an imitation sapphire ring but it would give the jeweller an indication of her ring size.

“What kinds of a ring are you looking for said the young lady behind the counter?

“Well actually an engagement ring for my girl friend.

“Oh and who’s the luck lady?

“She’s called Bella Mason from England and she’s beautiful.”

“Wow! Here are some of the rings we have in the size you just showed me sir.

“Joe said it’s hard to choose they are all fantastic looking rings.”

There were two that really stood out for him and he picked them both up then weighed them up.

“I think I will go for this one.”

“Good choice; would you like me to gift wrap if for you sir.”

“Yes please.”

The girl carefully placed the ring in a box then wrapped it up.”

 That will be $208 dollars with tax, would you please sign here on your receipt.

Joe signed and the girl looked at it then at him then said I thought I recognised you when you came in you’re the new Olympic weight lifting champion aren’t you?

“Yes; but keep it to yourself would you.”

“Could you sign my autograph book for me Joe?

“Yes certainly.

“Could I trouble you for a photo as well?

“Okay she approached the manager and he came over and took a photo then she thanked him and Joe left.

“Who was that asked the manager?

“It was non other than the strongest man in the world. It’s Joe Kimber the Olympic gold medallist.

“He bought an engagement ring didn’t he?

“Yes but Mr Astley he said…

“Never mind what he said this is good PR for Blakewell’s. The manager picked up the phone, he waited until he as put through. Hello Montreal Gazette?

“Yes came a reply; what can I do for you.

“Mr Astley conveyed the story over the phone and told them that he had a photo as well.

“Great we will send someone right over.”

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