The Shieldsman

A story of four young boys growing up in the tower block of flats in Percy Main in North Shields. the story follows them through to adulthood through mischief and lost innocence, love, tragedy, and finally triumph. If you remember what it was like growing up as a child then this story is definitely one for you.


32. 32

Did you enjoy that then son asked John Kimber as they walked along to the square to get the bus?

“Yes it was good Da’; I cannot wait until Wednesday.’

“Now don’t be in too big of a hurry, just take things very slowly and listen to Eric as he seems a nice man.”

“Yes I like him; he seems very down to earth and easy to get along with.

They stood outside the bus stop waiting for the 302 to arrive, the bingo hall by the Gourmont was emptying, and people were making their way towards the bus stop.

“Is there a bus due love, someone asked.”

“Its due in five minutes replied John.”

“It’s quite warm tonight considering the time said the young blonde haired woman with false eyelashes and heavy make up. She wore a mini skirt that left nothing to the imagination and she nervously kept pulling at the hem of the skirt.

“Aye it isn’t it Joe replied John nudging Joe for a response.”

“Aye Mrs it is said Joe.”

“Its Miss I’m not married; I broke up wi me boyfriend a month ago and now I’m free and single.”

“Really; replied John.”

“I hope my mother has something for our supper when we get in Da’ said Joe loud enough so that the girl could hear.

“When the bus eventually came; John and Joe stepped aside to allow the girl and some other women on. Joe pointed out that he could see the girl’s knickers as she went up stairs.

“Hey lad you’re a bit young to be talking like that Joe.”

“Sorry dad but you could; are we not going up stairs then Joe asked?

“I think you’ve seen enough for one day my lad.”

John took a seat near the front and Joe slid in beside him as the conductor began to take the fares.

“The Redburn please said Joe to the female conductress.”

“Will that be two she asked leaning over and showing her cleavage to John?

“Aye two please that will be thrupence please young man.

“Joe sneaked a look of her ample bosom as she leant over to give his dad change.”

 “How come all the women fancy you Da’ as the conductress moved down the bus.”

“I don’t know son it must be my devastatingly good looks and charming personality.

“Joe laughed at his father. The bus turned at Chirton Post Office then carried on until it came to a stop just outside the Rex Cinema where they were advertising the latest feature film “Spartacus with Kirk Douglas.

“Oh dad we must go and watch that; can we?

“We will see.”

“Ask mam I’m sure she would like to go.”

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