The Shieldsman

A story of four young boys growing up in the tower block of flats in Percy Main in North Shields. the story follows them through to adulthood through mischief and lost innocence, love, tragedy, and finally triumph. If you remember what it was like growing up as a child then this story is definitely one for you.


23. 23

“Where’s ya mother asked Alan Skipsey to his son as he steadied himself by holding on to the back of a chair?”

“She’s gone oot Da’

“Oot! Oot where?”

“She’s gone wi me Aunt Sarah to Percy Main Club.”

“Agn has she left is any dinna then?

“Aye it’s in the oven Da,’ been there since lunch time.”

Allan turned awkwardly then headed towards the scullery like a stiff statue.

He grabbed hold of the plate and burnt his hand.

“Bugger! The plate is bloody hot.”

Kevin thought to himself serves your self right for coming in drunk.

Allan took hold of the tee towel then grabbed the plate again and it bounced of the table as he tried to set it down; then he pulled open the drawer and took out a fork then noisily moved the chair so he could sit down.

He unloosened his tie and pulled it off then opened the top button of his shirt before standing up and removing his jacket and hanging it over one of the other chairs.

He plonked himself down and began to eat the dried up food. It still tasted good to him in his drunken state. He chewed on the pork chops as Kevin came in and filled the kettle for his Da’ to make tea.

“Aye you’re a good lad wor Kevin slurred his father in between a mouth full of cabbage.

“Agn what have you been up to today then son? With lips pursed together and his eyes trying to focus. His torso moved from side to side as he lined up his fork to stab at a piece of carrot.

“I played football on the field Da,’ then went to the res’ wi me mates.”

Kevin emptied the pot then threw in two heaped table spoons of PG tips then took down two mugs from the hooks on the wall and placed them on the table.

“You missed a great fight today Da’, Joe broke this older kids nose from Bridge Road South. He pushed Paul Kerrigan doon so Joe let him have it reet on his beak, there was claret al’ ower and he knocked him into the res’ an al.”

“You’s wanna’ be careful gannin’ Doon there; some one will get droonded one of these days.”

“Ya mother will kill ya if owt happen to ya when yer doon there mind.”

 “Wi divven’t gan on the water Da’, Wi just catch frogs and salamanders.”

The whistle went on the kettle and Kevin filled the pot then stirred it up. Then he went into the pantry and took out a bottle of Puroh milk and then got a tea spoon from the drawer. The tea cosy was placed over the tea pot whilst they waited for it to mast.

“What have yee been up to then Da’?

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