The Shieldsman

A story of four young boys growing up in the tower block of flats in Percy Main in North Shields. the story follows them through to adulthood through mischief and lost innocence, love, tragedy, and finally triumph. If you remember what it was like growing up as a child then this story is definitely one for you.


21. 21

The boys carried on setting the tins up for shooting practice with their catapults when they spotted the girls coming over.

“What happened they said as they approached the lads?”

“We saw you punch someone what was it all about asked Bella, Ralphie’s sister

“Joe bosted the nose of that big kid because he pushed Paul down.”

“Have you broken his nose Joe asked Agnes?

“Yes said Kevin, you should have seen the claret Agnes the force sent him into the pond an al’

Serves him right then said Anne Colquhoun, we had better get out of here though in case they come back.”

“I’m going nowhere said Joe adamantly.”

 “What if he brings the police Joe said Bella,” don’t let stupid pride get you arrested.’

“Yes Bella’ is right Joe lets get oot of here before they get here.”

We can go to Smiths Park or even Scorers Park if you like.”

Smiths is the nearest said Brenda Wilson. They stepped through the gap in fence and walked down Bridgewood South passed Cedarwood Avenue to the bottom then turned left the gate of the park wasn’t far from there they look at the sign on the gate that told them that the park would close at 6pm.

“We only have three hours said Kevin.

“More than enough time to have fun said Paul, come on lets hit the round about.

They ran towards the round about passed the pavilion. There were four football fields in the park and three pavilions. Many houses surrounded the park on the left hand and ahead of them and behind were the bowling greens and a tennis court.

Further back was a little stream. The park keeper did a fine job of keeping the grounds in good nick. There were plenty of flower beds with lobelia, marigolds, asters, fox glove, and Chrysanthemums. The greenhouse could be seen next to the park keeper’s cottage.

Everyone climbed onto the witches hat and began to play tuggy where by who ever was on’ had to catch someone by swinging like a monkey from bar to bar to tug someone. You could climb down but you weren’t allowed to leave the witches hat.

After that it was onto the shuggy boat where everyone piled in and rocked the boat faster and faster. The swings were very popular to see who could swing the highest or hang upside down like bats from the high bar. When they had finished horsing around they walked to the pavilion and sat down where they played a game made out of paper that fitted into your fingers with letters of the alphabet on them; you would pick a letter or a word then spell it out using the flower shaped paper with petals would open and close in sequence then you picked a number and in side it told you something. “Like number four – You are an idiot. Or number seven- Lover boy.

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