The Shieldsman

A story of four young boys growing up in the tower block of flats in Percy Main in North Shields. the story follows them through to adulthood through mischief and lost innocence, love, tragedy, and finally triumph. If you remember what it was like growing up as a child then this story is definitely one for you.


14. 14

Truth or dare Brenda?

Brenda looked at Agnes then said I dare you to…… there was a long pause before she said kiss Paul.

Agnes turned beetroot red but Paul was expecting her to say no but she got up and calmly leant over and kissed Paul on the cheek.

The lads all pushed Paul playfully. The bottle was spun again and again the girls won this time the bottle turned to Bella; truth or dare said Anne.

Truth replied Bella.

“Is it true that you fancy Joe?

“Woooh said the rest of the lads.

“True; announced Bella.”

Again the jeers went up and Joe was pleased that Bella liked him.

Bella spun the bottle it landed on Paul this time.

Bella asked him truth or dare.

“Everyone knew Paul would say truth.


“Is it true that you would like to neck on with Agnes?

Paul looked over at Agnes and then said “Yes; I would.”

All throughout the game the questions got more and more intimate.

Paul got to kiss Agnes on the lips, then Kevin kissed Brenda, Joe kissed Bella twice and Ralphie kissed Anne.

Paul looked at his watch the little Timex said that it was seven o’clock and as much as he wanted to stay longer he knew that he would have to go.

“I have to go; I’m sorry I told my mam that I would be back.

The girls said that they were going too so they all walked back the tower block.

“Where are you going tomorrow the girls asked?

“I have church in the morning said Paul.”

“Do you go to church Paul asked Agnes?

“Yes, I’m in the choir he announced proudly.

“Which church?

“Percy St Johns.”

“I will look out for you then as I go as well.”

“Well enough of this God crap I’m going in said Joe see you tomorrow Bella.”

“Goodnight Joe; Bella waved back at him then he was gone.

Kevin said Ralph said goodbye before the girls walked off to the furthest block of flats.

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