The shuttle

A story where Data and La Forge go through a wormhole expecting to return to a different location a couple light years from the Enterprise. This worm hole apparently was made by Romulan tech and somehow it landed in the hands of some other alien species. They didn't land where they expected originally. The wormhole brought them to Earth. In Miami, Florida. 2016. In a reality where they are mere works of fiction. Only thing they have to figure out is getting back to their time!


14. The muse over a Q

.Feb 10th,2016..

..Miami...Florida..8:58 PM...

"You know, if Jean Luc was born a Q, we would have the relationship those two boys share," Came a familiar voice to Data.

Data looks over to see Q.

"Q," Data said. "Why are you here?"

"Just to watch, Data," Q said.

"Are you responsible for the worm hole?" Data asks.

Q slowly laughs.

"I wouldn't dare," Q said, then he snaps his fingers and Washington's flu is gone in the blink of an eye. "I have been having fun messing with this duo."

"So you are responsible for their neighborhood being changed?" Data asks.

"No, not that," Q said. "I wouldn't do that to kids. I have been having childish fun with them."

Data is suspicious of Q.

"I don't believe you," Data said.

"You don't have to," Q said.

"Define childish fun," Data said.

Q raises a brow leaning against the rail with his folded arms on the rail.

"You never had innocent fun?" Q asks.

A look of realization spreads on Data's face

"Oh, that definition," Data said, earning a nod from Q.

"You understand now," Q said, and with a snap of his fingers he made bunnies appear all over the place on the floor.

"BUNNIES!" Patterson shrieks.

"Where did they come from?" Barry said, rubbing his head.

"I don't know, but I don't have a cold anymore," Washington gleefully said. "Yippee!" He throws the kleanx over his head waving his arms. "I am healthy as a ox!" He then falls on his side turning turning blue. Data turns his head towards Q. "Ow."

"Q," Data said, annoyed.

Wikers and the other kids tower over Washington in concern.

"I was suppose to turn him into an ox," Q said, humiliated. "That is a honest mistake."

Q snaps his fingers and Washington is healthy again.

The bunnies are gone, as well.

"Much better," Data said.

"Where were we?" Wikers asks.

"Q was about to snap his fingers and disappear away," Barry said. "Just as how he did in the end of most episodes he is in."

"What is my line?" Wikers asks.

"A grunt," Barry said.

"But the script doesn't go further after Q leaves," Wikers said.

Smoe's eyes widen.

"That means we are improvising," Smoe said. "I can't deal with improvising!"

"I improvise everyday," Q said. "This actor is a major disappointment. Most actors improvise, some improvise the entire movie if needed."

Barry grabs Smoe by the shoulders.

"Yes, you can!" Barry said.

"I am scared," Patterson said.

"This is our last fanon episode," Washington sadly said. "So am I."

"Come on, this isn't a Kids Next Door episode," Barry said. "TAKE 9999!"

Barry drops the black and white square machinery to the floor.

"I pity them," Q said.

"Wait, you've been dimension hopping," Data said.

"Oh Data," Q said, with a sigh as though knowing what Data is going to ask. "I am not going to give you a short cut." Q looks over towards Data. "What kind of Q would I be interrupting with your long life?"

Q snaps his fingers and vanishes in a white flash.

"...Helpful," Data said.

Data looks over to see the patch of friends and their camera equipment missing. Data waits. Fifteen minutes later the group of friends are back on set looking frankly to be scared out of their wits. They were all in a group hug. The group slowly disperse picking up their props. Barry seemed to be a little more appreciative upon his return helping Patterson put the prop up. Data watches the group tiredly walk out of the studio.

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