The shuttle

A story where Data and La Forge go through a wormhole expecting to return to a different location a couple light years from the Enterprise. This worm hole apparently was made by Romulan tech and somehow it landed in the hands of some other alien species. They didn't land where they expected originally. The wormhole brought them to Earth. In Miami, Florida. 2016. In a reality where they are mere works of fiction. Only thing they have to figure out is getting back to their time!


11. shopping

..Feb 2nd,2016..


La Forge goes shopping for two Romulans and one Android. Buying clothes for a Android proves to be difficult as people would gawk at Data's appearance and point at him mumbling 'his skin is like eggshell' because of the light in the store. So Data had to stay behind at the studio.

"Why must we buy new clothes?" T'Fella asks.

"I like the ones we have," T'Kowl admits.

"Because we have another month to spend in this reality," La Forge said. "And we don't walk around wearing the same old clothes."

"Well, that's quite contrary to wearing your uniforms all the time," T'Fella said.

La Forge sighs.

"I am not wearing my uniform," La Forge said. "I am wearing sun glasses and I can't see color exactly but you can be my color-eyes."

"Color-eyes?" T'Kowl asks.

T'Fella and T'Kowl are wearing hats that cover their curly pointy ears and partially their 'V' shaped forehead. The brothers have birth marks on their faces that set them apart making them appear not identical. T'Fella has a birthmark on the left side of his face while T'Kowl has a birthmark on the right side of his face. Strangely their birthmarks resemble puzzle pieces that still remain a mystery to their parents.

"Yes," La Forge said. "You can see color while I cannot. I can only see shapes and figures."

"Oooh," The brothers said at once.

La Forge comes to the men section.

"You two do the picking," La Forge said.

"What?" T'Fella asks.

"You just said we'll be your color eyes," T'Kowl points out.

"I was being sarcastic," La Forge said. "Besides,you two need to get your own taste of style."

"But shopping for clothes that fit our shoulders is difficult as it is,"

"No, not really," La Forge said. "Since coming into this world your shoulders are lowered, rounded, and very much human."

The brothers feel their shoulders to notice the change in their design.

"What the?" T'Kowl said, puzzled.

"Is this a trick?" T'Fella asks.

"No, it is not," La Forge said, with a chuckle. "There's a reason why your clothes have been fitting your shoulders."

"He has a point," T'Fella said.

"Now, I'll be getting some fast food," La Forge said. "Do yourself a favor and search for clothes."

"Uh, what about that Data dude?" T'Kowl asks.

"Well," La Forge said. "It seems you are going to be 'twinsies'."

La Forge walks past the men's clothing section leaving the twins behind. The twins brave through their feeling of humiliation to walk into the rows of hangars dangling clothes. They had a strict budget to go on as La Forge noted when driving to the store. It made sense La Forge can drive because he can see figures clearly. Faces were like a blurr, somewhat, to La Forge.

"Hey," Andrew Stottlehammer said. "Why are you two in the kid section?"

"We're searching for proper full grown clothing," T'Fella replied.

Stottlehammer laughs.

"The adult section is over there," Stottlehammer said, pointing right behind his shoulder.

The two bowed their heads and said, "Jolan tru," then went off in the direction Stottlehammer pointed in. Stottlehammer turns towards the straying Romulans having a weird look on his face that could be a form of disgust. Nobody cannot be sure what form of expression this is.

"Weird-o's," Stottlehammer said.

The twins browse the racks of clothing.

"Hmm..." T'Fella said, feeling the inside of a hood to a jacket. "This feels so soft."

"I chose this one," T'Kowl said, getting one of each different style of a shirt for the group.

"Brother, don't get obsessed with clothing like you did last time," T'Fella said.

T'Kowl sighs.

"That was back on Romulas," T'Kowl said. "It was on extravagant attire week."

"This is much of the same, brother," T'Fella said. "It started out just like this."

"Then you'll be my restraint,' T'Kowl said. "Happy?"

T'Fella puts on a detective hat on backwards.

"Happah," T'Fella said, doing a pose.

T'Kowl laughs at his brother's silliness.

"Put it back," T'Kowl said.

T'fella frowns.

"You are no fun," T'Fella complains, putting the hat back on a old man.

"Someone has to be the responsible one around here," T'Kowl said, swinging some pants over his shoulder.

"Brother!" T'Fella cries. "We don't know if any of them will fit Data!"

"Data confided to me his pant size when we were trying on pants," T'Kowl said, in Romulan language.

Now at this point they are speaking Romulan.

"I don't recall you two in the same room, lacking clothes, trying on pants!" T'Fella said.

"You were working on the machine," T'Kowl said.

T'Fella smiles.

"Oh, I remember," T'Fella said. "I made La Forge get his faced covered in smoke."

"Exactly," T'Kowl said.

The two continue their browsing when a couple stare awkwardly at the two. The stares were too much to bare so the twins turn their backs on the couple making them stare at the backsides. The pair pick boxers and socks along the way. T'Fella turned out to be curious about the undergarments of women. T'Kowl never wanted a repeat of that event, EVER.

"I believe this is enough," T'Fella said, with his arms full.

"Great,let's find our blind man," T'Kowl said, switching to English in mid sentence.


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