The shuttle

A story where Data and La Forge go through a wormhole expecting to return to a different location a couple light years from the Enterprise. This worm hole apparently was made by Romulan tech and somehow it landed in the hands of some other alien species. They didn't land where they expected originally. The wormhole brought them to Earth. In Miami, Florida. 2016. In a reality where they are mere works of fiction. Only thing they have to figure out is getting back to their time!


10. Rumbling Romulans

...January 22nd,2016...

...Florida,Miami...8:40 PM..

"Come on, gimme that pizza, T'kowl!"

"Give me the codes for the DS and I will!"

"No, brother!"

"Then I suppose I am eating this pizza, T'Fella,"


La Forge rolls an eye under the visor.

They were spending far too much time arguing over food. Seriously, they were. Data, apparently does not necessarily share the same opinion over their antics. Data viewed it as 'amusing interactions between the brothers'. La Forge at first thought T'Fella and T'Kowl reminded Data of him and his brother if they had grown alongside each other as Androids at the same level.

La Forge is dealing with the engineering of the machine while the 'T' Brothers deal with the construction of the large and massive machine capable of flying in the space. La Forge has taken on the job of a janitor at a scrap metal yard. It is was just their luck that Amanda is usually at her work for 2 to 3 months. The time she is spending at home is work vacation under conditions of the job agreement. Data is brushing up on research for the actors and the show itself 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'.

Data taps his fingers on the arm rest to the captain's chair.

It was tempting to contact the one person he looked up to.

Only that is their actor.

"Data, how can you withstand their annoying arguments?" La Forge asks.

"I think of something different," Data said. "Or turn my audios off."

"But I have ears, Data," La Forge said.

"Listen to music," Data said.

It felt weird to be sitting in the chair when he isn't acting captain. Data has been in the chair notable times whenever certain members had gone off on away missions, Picard was unable to act as Captain, or the crew were abducted by some alien species. Data gets up then goes over to his chair. There is a large machine resembling that of a cannon only with a square flat back end and a screen that reminded Data of the one he saw everyday except it can't move. He saw the keyboard that is cut out little squares quite different to the one he had seen on the machine back on the Enterprise.

Data felt more at home and comfortable in this seat.

"Computer," Data said. "Call..." He paused. "Oh wait, I am talking to a prop."

Data takes out a burner cell he had purchased.

This one resembles a new phone that isn't a flip phone.

"Siri," Data said.

"Yes?" Siri asks.

"Call Patrick Stewart," Data said.

"Sir, are you serious?" Siri asks.

"I am serious,Siri," Data said.

"Calling in progress," Siri said.

Data waited five minutes.

"Hello?" Came a familiar voice. "Who is calling this late at night?"

"It is I, Captain," Data said.

Data heard Patrick's low laugh.

"Uh, Brent?" Came Patrick's voice. "You sound younger, it must be the phone."

"I assure you, Captain," Data said. "I am not Brent Spiner. I am Commander Data of the Enterprise."

"You know, The Next Generation is a fictional show, right?" Patrick asks.

"It is not fictional to me, Captain," Data said. "Right now I am using Siri."

Patrick sighs.

"Brent, go to sleep," Patrick said.

"I am sorry if calling you 'Captain' annoys you," Data said. "But I am here to inquire if you are aware of any people calling in about top secret government version of the Enterprise or something like it."

This mind boggles Patrick.

"Uh no," Patrick said. "Now really, who are you?"

"I am from the year 2370, currently serving the USS Enterprise NCC- 1701-D, my name is Data and I am stuck in a reality I do not belong with my friend Geordi," Data said, pressing a button that puts the conversation on speaker mode. "I am sorry for waking you up so late, Mr Patrick."

Patrick pauses taking in the information.

"Well..." Patrick said. "That is...A little strange."

La Forge came over.

"Data, are we seriously going to keep giving Romulans pizza in exchange they make a wormhole machine?" La Forge asks.

"Yes," Data said.

"LeVar?" Patrick asks.

"LeVar who?" La Forge asks.

"LeVar Burton," Patrick said. "Is Michael Dorn there?"

"No," Data and La Forge said.

"Who is Michael Dorn?" La Forge asks.

"You know him," Patrick said. "You two were with him when he portrayed Worf for seven seasons!"

La Forge looks over towards Data.

"Tell me this is not the Captain's actor," La Forge said.

"It is," Data said.

"Data," La Forge said, putting one hand on the back end of the chair. "We sound crazy to this man."

"I thought asking him if he had any calls about ships being constructed resembling the Enterprise would help," Data said.

La Forge sighs.

"Oh Data," La Forge said. "Nobody, in their right mind, would duplicate the Enterprise in hopes of making a future that will not be."

"You know I am not on mute?" Patrick asks.

"Sorry, Captain," La Forge apologizes.

"I am not your Captain," Patrick said. "Please, call me Patrick."

"I am sorry for your night to be interrupted by Mr Data here," La Forge said.

"Apology accepted," Patrick said. "Just stop pretending to be young again."

La Forge raises his brows then looks over towards Data.

"Data?" La Forge asks.

"It's been years since Brent Spiner portrayed me and that goes same for the other cast members," Data said. "They are not young as they used to be."

"Oooh," La Forge said, lowering his brows. "I get it."

"I am still look young," Came Patrick's voice. "For my age."

"We...We are young, technically," Data said. "According to this reality's information my actor has white hair due to his old age, looks different, but easily recognizable."

"Wow, like your father?" La Forge asks.

"Not exactly," Data said. "I'll show you his wikipedia page or that 'epic' selfie."

The interaction between the two eerily reminded Patrick of the days when he was busy on set portraying a character he loved. The days when Brent and LeVar practiced some of their lines/ scenes together and often described their character's relationship as a 'best friend'. The show itself brought the cast together as a family. Brent Spiner is the godfather of Gates McFadden's son. Gates portrayed Beverly Crusher. In truth Picard became part of him and what part of Patrick was left went into Picard. Over the years portraying Picard has made Patrick a better listener.

"...Data, what is a selfie?" La Forge asks.

"A picture of oneself." Data said. "I have learned there is sick bays for the selfie syndrome."

"That is...absurd," La Forge remarks.

"I know," Data said. "But rather remarkable. There is even a shoe with a selfie stick."

"Tell me that isn't real," La Forge said.

"It was an April Fools prank," Data said.

"That is funny," La Forge said. "I can't take a selfie shoe for what it is worth."

"Agreed," Data said.

"Me three," Patrick chimes in

"Sorry, Captain," Data and La Forge said.

"...We meant Patrick," Data said.

"Much better," Patrick said. "You two remind me of before I hit fame with X-Men. Oh, those were the days."

"Goodbye," La Forge said.

La Forge presses the red button.

"Well, that got us no where," Data said.

"I am going to hit the hay," La Forge said. "And make sure those two rascals clean up their mess, kay?"

"I will," Data said.

La Forge leaves Data.


La Forge exits the studio.

"GIVE ME THE DS CODES!" T'Kowl shouts back.

"NEVER!" T'Fella shouts.

Data sighs, knowing he had to face on two bickering Romulans.

"You two, play Rock-Paper-Scissors," Data said. "Or go to sleep."

"We need no sleep," T'Kowl replies.

"Romulans are not Androids," Data said. "Get some rest."

"No!" The twins shout back.

Data gets up, walks over to the twins who are busy acting like pretzel chips climbing ontop of another right off a poster to a circus. Data applies the Vulcan pinch knocking out the pair in the correct points. Data carries the twins and puts them on separate beds. Data views the big machinery that is in progress. Steady progress. In two months it will be completed and ready to go.

Data had to see what Amanda is helping to create.

He can hear the Romulans mumbling in their sleep.


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