The shuttle

A story where Data and La Forge go through a wormhole expecting to return to a different location a couple light years from the Enterprise. This worm hole apparently was made by Romulan tech and somehow it landed in the hands of some other alien species. They didn't land where they expected originally. The wormhole brought them to Earth. In Miami, Florida. 2016. In a reality where they are mere works of fiction. Only thing they have to figure out is getting back to their time!


23. Returning to the Enterprise


"Sir," Worf said. "We are being hailed."

"On screen," Picard said, getting up.

The screen comes up to show a shuttle with six other shuttles. Picard raises a brow at this. It is odd to see five random shuttles all resembling the first one in the lead except for some minor differences in the design model. The screen changes to the inside of the 1st one showing Data, La Forge, a strange woman, and a man resembling Kirk. Wait, he IS Kirk. The very legendary one who worked with Spock.

"Hello Captain," Data said.

Picard could only recognize Kirk by the photo's.

But how could this be?

By now Kirk should have been dead.

"Is that Kirk with you?" Picard asks.

"Yes," Data said. "He crash landed on Earth three decades ago and we found him," Kirk could see the Worf aboard, and boy, he couldn't believe his eyes. A real living Klingon. "He wants to meet up with Spock before returning to Earth."

"And those passengers?" Picard asks.

"We'll explain once aboard," Data said.

"It is best we tell you in person, Captain," La Forge said.

"All right," Picard said. "We'll beam the others aboard. Welcome back,you two. Picard out."


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