The shuttle

A story where Data and La Forge go through a wormhole expecting to return to a different location a couple light years from the Enterprise. This worm hole apparently was made by Romulan tech and somehow it landed in the hands of some other alien species. They didn't land where they expected originally. The wormhole brought them to Earth. In Miami, Florida. 2016. In a reality where they are mere works of fiction. Only thing they have to figure out is getting back to their time!


19. Inside area 51

.March 1st, 2016...6:50 PM...

..Inside Area 51...

Data managed to enter the lower construction half of the base with ease, remarkably. The guards were out in their sleep snoring to their leisure. Data steps into the large room through the doorway. He gasps witnessing what could be defined as the most awe struck in history. How could it be so awe struck to Data?

It is the Enterprise.

In design, color, and the serial number.

He saw the windows were bigger compared to outside view reminding Data of those on the buildings in New York. He had seen numerous Youtube videos where they showed super heroes fighting it out against their villains. The design is so uncanny except for the top part that resembles a iron normally used to smooth out the wrinkles in clothes. It is like a hybrid of the Enterprise with a pan merged into a iron.Data walks forwards lowering his head towards the direction he is walking in. The bombs are set to go off under a unspecified time limit set by La Forge.

"Hey," Went a tall and muscular guy. "Who are you?"

Data looks up.

"I am the man who is doing a health inspection," Data lied.

"Oh," The tall guy said. "That guy," The tall guy's head nods repeatedly. His deep scary voice worried Data about getting undetected by his skin color and his yellowish eyes. Oh dear, they stood out! "You are the Chris Worf guy."

Data nods.

"Yes," Data said. "I was told to start my check up in engineering....At this supposed warp core."

"Come on, follow me," The tall guy and muscular said.

Data saw a name tag on the man's shirt.

Florence Jackson.

"Coming, Mr Jackson," Data said, following the man.

They entered the space ship through the walking platform that stood down. Data had been beamed aboard the Enterprise on his first time unlike how many few arrived through shuttles to the Enterprise.But never had he entered the Enterprise through this means! The back end retraction reminded Data of a humongous helicopter model landing. One he had seen in the war movies humans made in this era.

Data saw a pair of humans whistling the exact same way and look exactly the same.

"Twins," Florence said. "Been like that since birth. We have around 14 sets of twins aboard this construction."

"Hmm..." Data said. "Interesting."

"The engineering nerds are far more stubborn getting outta' that room," Florence said, sounding annoyed. "When they make a mistake; no one can stop them from fixing it. It has to be in their utmost tip top shape in order to be completed."

"And how long is that?" Data asks, as they went through corridors.

"Sometime today," Florence said.

Today, of all days!

"That....That's too soon," Data said.

"Time goes by so fast," Florence said. "A couple decades ago I was just a young lad outside making sure no one approached the base with my partner Billy Jones." He smiles. "And meeting that guy who portrayed Spock was a great honor."

"You hold actors up on a pedistool," Data said. "How come?"

"I was inspired by the red shirts to enlist," Florence said. "They may die every episode. But sire as hell didn't stop them from doing their duties."

Data smiles.

"Sounds like it," Data said.

"And we'll letting go all of the employee's," Florence said. "Including me!" He points right back at himself. His hair is apparently gray. "My resume is going to be impressive as I heard from the big guy up there!" Florence points up towards the ceiling with a smile. "My life is gonna be fantastic, ya hear."

"I hear," Data said.

They came to a door that wouldn't budge.

"You sure you want to meet the weird-o's?" Florence asks. "They may not look human because of a certain leak going on."

"I am prepared for the worst, Mr Jackson," Data said.

"Why's your skin so...golden and brown?" Florence asks.

"Because I painted it," Data said. "For this monument-us occasion."

"I don't get it," Florence said.

"I've painted myself up as Data along with some eye contact," Data lied.

"Oh!" Florence said, with a laugh. He takes out a set of keys from his pocket then shifts through them using his fingers."The little Android..." He smirks, looking up towards Data with a fond look in his eyes. "My grandparents loved that guy."

"My parents didn't share the same adoration," Data lied.

Florence opens the door.

"I wish we had met before," Florence said, taking out the keys.

"So do I," Data said.

"Here's the keys," Florence said, handing Data the keys. "They lead to different parts of the ship."

"Understood," Data said.

"Thanks," Florence said. "After you make it clear. Everyone leaves the ship. And I will get a head start."

"Goodbye, Mr Jackson," Data said.

Florence walks away whistling a merrily tune.

Data puts the keys into his pocket then enters the engineering room. It is remarkably different to the one he had seen aboard the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. It is so circular, wide, and full of activity that Data had to wonder if the law of physics work here. The Enterprise NCC-1701-J is bigger by the inside. Data stops his observation hearing Amanda's voice coming in the distance. Amanda knew this all and she didn't do a thing. She knew the Enterprise was being built.

How could she?

Perhaps he can get answers from her this time.

Data follows the source of Amanda's voice.

Data came to a stop following the source of her voice when he saw a man similar to Q. This man is Samuel Lee Rivers a guy who happens to be currently on typical repairs on a box built into the side of the engineering room. That task would have been usually carried out by Wesley Crusher; key word: would have.

''Q?" Data said, to which he approaches Lee.

Lee is trying to repair a wire using a strange little machine.

"Q?" Data asks, now over the man's shoulder.

Lee looks over frightened for his life.

"Oh god!" Lee said, clenching at his chest. "You scared me man!"

Lee sighs, in relief Data wasn't armed.

"I did not intend to scare you," Data said, apologetically.

"Thank you," Lee said, with a sigh regaining his bearings.

"But you resemble a man I know," Data said. "A man named Q."

Lee raises his head up.

"Q?" Lee repeats, with a raise brow.

"Yes," Data said, with a nod.

"Why would someone in their right mind call themselves a Q?" Lee asks. "It is quite sad, really. They would have been bullied for being named 'Q' or 'W'." Lee sounds depressed. "Perhaps they can't live with the name Q so they hurry into something that distracts them from everything that reminds him of his name and distances himself from it as well..."

"Almost ready boys," Amanda said, in a unusual tone.

"Sorry, I have to meet up with someone," Data apologizes. "I suggest you go and get some help. Because Q is a god and part of the Q continuum who are very important to the existence of many lives that I am well known of."

Lee nods.

"I will," Lee said.

Data left Lee be.

Lee lowers his head.

"Perhaps I should get some help..." Lee said, picking up his tools and walks out through the open doorway.

15 minutes afterwards, Data came to a stop at the doorway to the inner part of the engineering warp core.

Data gasps seeing a woman in Amanda's place who looked quite alien and not of Earth. She still has curly blonde hair, freckles, but other than that her face and body characteristics are different! She is blue with black spots along her arms. Gills are on the side of her neck. She is not the same person in form to the one Data knew. Her fingers are longer yet still had the human phalanges shape.

"Amanda?" Data asks.


A bunch of men similar to her but had uncanny resemblance to cheetah's similar to Amanda all shrug. Data takes out his tricorder then scans the group. It became clear whatever happened here changed the group into a intelligent, kind, and very inventive race with their fingers. Amanda's blue glowing eyes look towards Data. Their blue eyes are a result of being around technology for so long it becomes part of their life source asides to normal food produced by humans.

They are the Concherians.

"What the hell are you?" Amanda asks, in a different language.

"Data," Data said, stepping forwards. "I'm a Android."

Data notices burns on the side of her wrists.

"What is wrong with this fella?" James Tipherius asks.

"I don't know you," Amanda said.

"Amanda," Data said. "Stavo murdered your father and I"m enacting his promise." He takes out a fake badge. "I have inspected this vessel and declared it unsafe to be piloted, resided in, or be worked in. You must all leave, right now."

"And what would you do if we do not?"

"You'll die," Data said. "I believe you'll prefer not to."

"Let's go," Tipherius said.

Most of the men and women leave.

"I don't know you," Amanda said. "Yet you know my name."

Data looks up to see a pile that shouldn't be out of place.

"We know each other," Data said. "How long has the pipe been this way?"

"I don't know," Amanda said.

"Probably long enough based off your reaction and facial features," Data said. "This ship is never going to fly or see the light of day, now, go out."

"I must fix this abnormality," Amanda said.

Amanda climbs the bars using her toes to grasp onto the edges that stuck out. She didn't wear shoes as her toes are elongated kind of like a monkey. Amanda hops off after straightening the bar into it's rightful place. Shatner had asked Data how he can pilot and pull the alarm at the same time. Data had told Shatner there is a system for the shuttle called temporary autopilot.

"Now, where do we go?" Amanda asks, puzzled.

"Out," Data said. "And for those infected as well...Life will never be the same. They'll be taken to my world."

"What is your world?" Amanda asks.

"Amanda, I told you about it numerous times," Data said. "Remember."

Fire alarms went off all over the building.

"Oh no, fire," Amanda said.

"I might have a better idea how to get everyone to our world," Data said. "How many shuttles did you build?"

"Enough to carry a hundred," Amanda said. "How come I don't remember you?"

Data recalls a machine he saw at the entrance that was like a metal detector except it is not.

"I am afraid your memory has been the subject to being wiped," Data said,taking out a device from his jean pocket. "Shatner, I have an idea but it will still require the Enterprise be destroyed..." He looks over towards Amanda. "We are going to be playing 'follow the leader'."


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