The shuttle

A story where Data and La Forge go through a wormhole expecting to return to a different location a couple light years from the Enterprise. This worm hole apparently was made by Romulan tech and somehow it landed in the hands of some other alien species. They didn't land where they expected originally. The wormhole brought them to Earth. In Miami, Florida. 2016. In a reality where they are mere works of fiction. Only thing they have to figure out is getting back to their time!


4. Help

...January 6th, Miami...

..Outside Dance Party...9:57 PM...

"Why the hell did you tear me out of a good party?" Amanda demands an answer. Data is contemplating a logical reply. Amanda folds her arms making a frown on her face. "Give me a direct answer!"

"Because I need your help," Data said.

"You mean 'We'," Amanda said.

"La Forge is gathering the required metal to repair the hull," Data said. "I have been told by your sire that you work for this elusive and very hidden base."

Amanda tilts her head up rubbing her forehead.

"Damn it,"Amanda said. "My job is classified."

"I want to go home," Data said. "More than you know."

"So what kind of help you do need?" Amanda asks, leaning against the bricked wall furrowing her dark eyebrows.

"It depends if you have currently holding a pair of elf eared beings with narrow eyebrows and a haircut normally seen on little girls," Data said.

Amanda's eyes went wide.

"The elf people," Amanda said.

"No, those are Vulcans," Data said. "Vulcans have been visiting this planet even without first contact."

"So, let me get this straight," Amanda said. "Aliens do exist in this world."

"Yes," Data said, with a slight nod.

"That means your future would be possible!" Amanda exclaims.

"No, not necessarily," Data said. "By my deductions my prototype would be google," Amanda yawns. "The federation of planets would be generally known before it's conception and the meaning behind it would be lost, full of fan lore, and more truthfully dedicated to the fictional version rather than what is happening in the now."

Amanda takes her back off the wall.

"So you wouldn't have a future version," Amanda said.

"Affirmitive," Data said.

"That is logical," Amanda said. "Why do you need Vulcans?"

"To build a machine, Amanda," Data said. "I am afraid this will be on your record."

"It will be," Amanda said. "They are in chronostasis," Amanda's hands loosen their grip and her eyes dart up towards Data. "No one is suppose--" A woman walks by along with a woman partner between a young man wearing a hat on backwards. Amanda stops what she was about to say watching them get out of ear shot. "Is suppose to know."

"I am well aware of Area 51's complications," Data said. "I need them to make a machine and then they'll be free to go home."

"Home?" Amanda asks.

"Vulcan," Data said.

Amanda tilts her head to the side.

"Their home is themselves?" Hannah said.

"No," Data said. "That is the name of their planet."

Hannah straightens her head with the most perplexed facial reactions.

"I am confused," Amanda said.

"Initially their names were Vulcanians," Data explains, then looks over to the motorcycle. "I do not know how to ride a motorcycle or better yet balance myself on a motorcycle."

Data faces towards Amanda.

"All right," Amanda said. "I am going back to work on the 10th. Coming back to work any sooner will look suspicious."

"I am very good at hacking into your modern day computers," Data said,wiggling his fingers.

"Figures," Amanda said. "Just please....Don't become a hacker the FBI is alerted about."

"I won't," Data said. "I have done research about the agencies in this time."

"Good call," Amanda said. "Buddy, how did you find me?"

"I tracked your communication device," Data said, holding up a modified Tricorder.

"My phone," Amanda said, wide eyed.

"Yes, that," Data said, putting the Tricorder down.

Amanda's eyes return to their normal size.

"Data, you are going to start learning how to ride a motorcycle starting tonight," Amanda said.

Our scene transfers to 30 minutes later right outside of a park that has a grassy setting with little pools of water alongside rocks that form into what people call as 'Ponds'. Data looks down at the ponds seeing the little fish swim casually not paying attention to the Android hovering above. Amanda is setting the motorcycle up for newbie mode.

"In my future these fish are larger," Data said.

"Oh really?" Amanda asks.

"Affirmative," Data said. "I caught one during one of my three month vacations on Earth on the border of Florida."

"On a boat," Amanda said.

"A nice boat," Data said, then taps on the water lightly.

The fish swim away splashing water onto Data's face.

Amanda giggles seeing there is some seaweed on Data's nose.

"It is ready," Amanda said. "Just think of it as riding a bicycle except your feet is resting."

"What is funny?" Data asks.

"Feel your nose," Amanda said. "The bridge of it."

Data feels seaweed on his nose.

"Oh," Data said, then he flicks off the seaweed.

Data gets on the motorcycle then puts his fingers wrapped around the bars.

"What next?" Data asks, puzzled.

"You told me you know about this model," Amanda said. "You should know how to start it."

"On the contrary;no," Data said. "I have no experience driving the christmas addition."

Great, Amanda thought, So much for it being easy.

"Look on the dashboard," Amanda said. "That is the start button."

Data looks towards the dashboard.

"Oh," Data said. "I have always wondered what that button meant," He taps on the circular button with a rectangle placed to the side. "Go."

The engines hummed to life and gas blew out of the tail pipe.

"Now press the button between the center to the bar," Amanda said. "And press the pedal."

"Oh," Data said, pressing the button. "Like this--"

Data speeds off on the motorcycle making the motorcycle run on the back wheel.

"Shit,shit,shit," Amanda repeats, running after Data. "DON'T CRASH INTO THE STORE!"

Data turns the motorcycle towards the left narrowly missing a pet store.

"Miss Amanda!" Data calls.

"Yes?" Amanda yells back.

"I do not have knowledge on how to stop this vehicle!" Data shouts.

"Put both wheels on the ground and hit the stop button!" Amanda yells,fumbling out a small triangle machine from her pocket.

Data manages to put it back on two wheels.

"Where is the stop button?" Data asks.

"On the dashboard!" Amanda shouts back. "Hair Saloon coming up!"

Data takes a abrupt turn to the right missing the hair saloon. Amanda presses a button in the middle of the square triangle device then tosses it feet away from Data. The small item becomes enlarged with a padded surface,enlarged buttons, and the imprint of a motorcycle right in the middle. The motorcycle is stopped by the padded stop machine.

"Where did you come up with this?" Data asks, curious.

"Everyday there is news of motorcycle accidents," Amanda said. "I decided during my engineering days to make a machine that works on any type of motorcycle to my needs."

Data presses the stop button then leans the motorcycle to the side.

"This is a very impressive piece of transportation machinery," Data said. "I can tell you customized it."

"Just the engine," Amanda said,shyly. "Perhaps we should practice your driving skills at the local Nascar racing course..."

"Sounds like a good idea," Data said. "I've never been at a racing track."

Amanda smiles.

"Tonight,will be your first time," Amanda said.

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