The shuttle

A story where Data and La Forge go through a wormhole expecting to return to a different location a couple light years from the Enterprise. This worm hole apparently was made by Romulan tech and somehow it landed in the hands of some other alien species. They didn't land where they expected originally. The wormhole brought them to Earth. In Miami, Florida. 2016. In a reality where they are mere works of fiction. Only thing they have to figure out is getting back to their time!


2. Crashed

..January 5th,2016...

...Miami...10:58 PM....

Amanda Rollins is driving over the small bridge in the swampy forest. The sky is so dark there are stars standing out forming constellations and the moon is out. She is listening to the song 'take me there' by Rascall Flatts tapping her fingers on the driver bumpy dark hand bar.

"Take me there!" Amanda sang, nodding her head to the song.

Amanda stops the motorcycle right when she had got off the bridge smelling something not quite right. She shook her head then resumes riding where her blonde hair freely flows off her shoulders, the wind brushing against her cheek, and the over all speed seemed to make her forget what worries she had on her mind. The morning was like hell to Amanda. The dark was a sweet comfort for sleep. She wanted to wage a war against night and day but that is not close to being possible.

As any average night dwellers, she loves to sing with the radio.

"Everythin' about you," Amanda continues to sing. "I wanna know everything about you, man!" She shook her fist at the night sky. "Where your hopes and dreams and wishes live, where you keep the rest of your life hid--"

Then came the crash landing of the shuttle making the motorcycle skid to the right squealing against the rocky pavement and her falling flat on her side. Amanda stops the motorcycle, takes off the helmet, and gets up cautiously approaching the space craft. She is scared and most notably frightened.

"Hello?" Amanda asks, in a squeaky voice.

The door opens to the side of the shuttle.

Smoke drifts off.

"Sorry for the landing!" Came a young man's voice. The source of the voice stuck his head out and he had a apologetic look on his face. "Oh, nice Motorcycle, I have done research on the Harley Davidson. That's the Christmas 248k addition."

Amanda gasps.

Why in the world is the man's eyes glowing so yellow?

"Is something wrong with your eyes?" Amanda asks.

"No,I was built like that, the name's Data," Data said.

Amanda pulls up her motorcycle.

"You're named after a piece of technology?"Amanda asks.

"Technically I am technology," Data said. "Excuse me, I'll try to get the shuttle out of the way."

Amanda watches the space craft hover above the ground momentarily and then slide into the ditch. Amanda is left in a shock at this unusual sight. Never before had she seen such advanced air craft before her eyes including a man calling himself 'Data'. Data came out of the air craft along with a man wearing a strange item around his head resembling a head band except it is not.

"The engine's been broken,Data,"

Data turns towards Amanda.

"I didn't catch your designation," Data said.

"A--...Ah---Amander," Amanda said.

"Amander?" Data said, puzzled.

"I believe she means Amanda, Data," The second man said, with a laugh. "I am Geordi La Forge."

"What is that on your head?" Amanda asks.

"My visor," La Forge said. "It helps me see."

"Visor," Amanda said, find it odd sounding.

"Yes," La Forge said.

Amanda puts her hands on her hips narrowing her eyebrows.

"Are you some kind of Sci-Fi nerds?" Amanda said.

"No," La Forge said, as his face turns pale. "We are not nerds."

"What is a nerd?" Data asks.

"A single-minded expert in a particular technical field," Amanda said.

"Oooh," Data said. "That makes a lot of sense. I have been wondering what nerd meant since Wesley called me a Sherlock Nerd."

"Amanda, what year is it?" La Forge asks.

"2016," Amanda said.

"Geordi, it seems we traveled in time," Data said.

"Oh no," La Forge said.

"Time travelers, that is funny," Amanda said. "That is only possible in those fictional TV shows."

"This is not funny," Data said. "I do not see how it is funny."

"Amanda, do you have something of this era to tow our space craft?" La Forge asks.

"My dad is a tow trucker," Amanda said.

"We can use that," La Forge said.

"I'll go get it," Amanda said. "I'll be back in 30 minutes."

And with that Amanda drove off.

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