The shuttle

A story where Data and La Forge go through a wormhole expecting to return to a different location a couple light years from the Enterprise. This worm hole apparently was made by Romulan tech and somehow it landed in the hands of some other alien species. They didn't land where they expected originally. The wormhole brought them to Earth. In Miami, Florida. 2016. In a reality where they are mere works of fiction. Only thing they have to figure out is getting back to their time!


9. Case work

...January 11th, 2016..

..Miami, Florida...

Solving the fatal gun shot to Jake James Rollins proves to be difficult for Detective Valentine De'Rue. She had gone through the crime scene many times, carefully, observing everything and anything. The fingerprint on the victim came up as an actor. An pretty old actor she had seen a couple movies he was in. The actor? Brent Spiner. But Brent was somewhere else with a solid clad alibi.

"Who the hell did this?" Valentine said, standing up from the outlined place where the dead body once lay.

The techies had told Valentine the fingerprints must have been planted.

Jingle bells, jingle all the way--

Valentine answers her phone.

"Hello?" Valentine said.

"I know who did this," Came a oddly familiar voice.

Valentine looks around.

"Who?" Valentine said, wary for the caller.

"Johnny Stavo," The man said.

The guy who called in the crime.

Valentine raises her eyebrows.

"But why  would he kill this man?" Valentine said.

Stavo was the least expected person to be a killer in Valentine's eyes

"Loose ends," The man said.

Valentine raises her brows not at all convinced.

The man, on the other end, being Data could feel such crippling sad emotion. Valentine's voice reminded Data strongly of his daughter Val. His voice dripped in a sad tone. He had to change his attitude before it got any further into tears. Of course turning off his emotion chip would do quite the change for the time being. Data turns his emotion chip off where it made the uncomfortable sad feeling go away. Data did not feel a thing afterwards. Now let's refer to him as the man for this scene only.

"What loose ends?" Valentine asks.

"Amanda Rollins is in engineering and is on a top secret project, so she is gone for months at a time," The man explains. "She wasn't there to witness her father's death. You can't contact her where she has gone because her phone is off."

Valentine contemplates with a pause.

"Well, you know a lot about her," Valentine finally said after awhile.

"Amanda taught me how to ride a motorcycle," The man said.

This man  sounded more and more like a suspect.

"Lost your memory?" Valentine asks.

"No Detective," The man said. "It was my first time learning to ride a motorcycle."

The man sounded so convinced by what he said. 

"Why would Mr Stavo kill Mr Rollins?" Valentine asks.

"Because he was hired," The man said. "I have  no idea why but Amanda is connected to Area 51..."

Detective Valentine laughs.

"You are insane," Valentine said. "Area 51 is for jet testing."

"Not only that,"  The man said. "Unworldly testing."

"Are you accusing the most American Jet Base of UFO testing?" Valentine asks.

"It is identified," The man said. "Not a UFO."

Valentine sighs lowering her gaze towards the floor where a brochure lay.

"What is it?" Valentine asks.

"It is technology that shouldn't exist," The man said. He lowered his voice. "Not yet at least."

Valentine hears two voices over the phone other than the man.

"Where are you?" Valentine asks, raising her gaze up.

"Somewhere out there," The man said. "You must investigate this murder."

"It was an accidental shooting," Valentine shooting. "Robbery gone wrong."

"Then how come his eyes are closed?"  The man asks.

"You were there," Valentine said.

"As I said, apparently, the killer is Johnny Stavo," The man said.

"Dead man's last words," Valentine said. "He told you who shot him."

"Affirmative," The man said. "I promise you will get the killer."

The man hangs up.

"That is....strange," Valentine said, then shook her head.

Who in their right mind would mimic Brent Spiner's young voice?

A frightened eyewitness, probably.

Now she had to start the case by asking what friends and family Amanda had outside of work.



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