Survive The Night (FNAF)

One girl.... Five animatronics.... One forbidden love.... (First person viewpoint)


1. The Pizzaria

_Chapter 1-The Pizzaria_

I remember visiting this place as a kid. Everything's coming back to me now. The pizza, the milkshakes, the huge play areas and the animatronics. Umm...there was...Chica the Chicken, Freddy the Bear, Foxy the Pirate, Golden Freddy the bear and Bonnie the Bunny. Foxy was always my favourite.

I smiled as I walked in, the memories all coming back to me. I even remembered how the employees were always for a good time, they would even dance with you in the party rooms. That was years ago though, the system might have changed. More rules might have been placed, and even as I thought that I walked past a sign that said no drinks on the dance floor.

Okay that's understandable, but they used to let us. All of a sudden, I heard loud cheers and screams coming from two double doors in front of me. Slowly I walked forward and pushed them open. It was as though an explosion had happened. Kids were running everywhere, confetti covered the ground and I could hear music coming from the stage.

I looked up and saw them, Fazbear and Friends. They looked exactly how I remembered them. I saw one of the employees walking round with a plate of drinks in her hand.

"Excuse me, do you know where the managers office is?" I asked, stopping her.

She smiled at me warmly,

"So you're the new gal huh? It's just over there Hun! Welcome to Freddy Fazbears Pizzaria!" She beamed at me and carried on walking. Wow, they're even nicer than before!

I walked over to a lone door in the corner of the room and knocked. I heard a man's voice give me permission to, and walked in.

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