Survive The Night (FNAF)

One girl.... Five animatronics.... One forbidden love.... (First person viewpoint)


8. Night Four

_Chapter 8-Night Four_

I ran into my office at 11:50 that night, and nearly fell over in shock. Bonnie was sat in my chair looking at the pictures I'd hung on the wall.

"Is this your sister?" He asked, his ears perking up as I walked in. I snatched the picture out his hands and looked at it. It was one of my and my twin at the beach. We were playing in the sea and splashing each other. An entirely childish thing to do for a pair of 22 year olds.

"Yes." I smoothed it and hung it back up on the wall. "Shouldn't you be onstage?"

"No, I kind of tricked the others into thinking I'm there." He waved his hand as though it didn't matter.

"How?" I asked., confused.

"You know there's more than just one suit of me in the back right?" I blushed at my stupidity and pulled up a spare chair to sit beside him. I was already half comfortable around Bonnie, and I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

We made it through the night, laughing and getting to know each other. He knew exactly where everyone was going to move and managed to cut off power usage of the left door. By the end of the night we were best friends and I started to get butterflies whenever he smiled at me.

When you got past the ears and the red eyes, he was really handsome. His smile made me weak in the knees whenever I saw it. And his muscles, I could feel them whenever I touched him. That's when I realised...I had fallen for an animatronic.

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