Survive The Night (FNAF)

One girl.... Five animatronics.... One forbidden love.... (First person viewpoint)


9. Night Five

_Chapter 9-Night 5_

Once again, I came in early, and wasn't surprised to see Bonnie sat on my chair. We smiled warmly at each other and I pulled up another chair beside him. His hand slightly touched mine and I felt butterflies. I can't believe I'd actually fallen for him. It wasn't possible he could like me back anyway. I sighed and got back to work.


I looked at her as she smiled. It warmed my circuits that she was glad to have me here. It made me feel more...human. If heard humans talking about how I felt towards her, not directly about us though. They called it...Love? Whatever it was called, there was no way she could feel such thing for me. Could she?

I turned to look at her. She was studying the security camera carefully. When she went onto the Show Stage, she smiled as she saw my suit. Maybe I did love her. But not just her, all the little things. Like the way she blushes when she's embarrassed, like the way her hair looked blue in the sunlight, like the way her eyes sparkled when she saw something/someone she cared about. Like her laugh that she hated, like her perfect figure. Everything about her made me feel warm inside.

Which is why I can never tell her my secret, our secret. The secret of the restaurant. And it's also why I will never leave her side.

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