Survive The Night (FNAF)

One girl.... Five animatronics.... One forbidden love.... (First person viewpoint)


2. New Job

_Chapter 2-New Job_

The manager sat quiet in his chair, fiddling with a pencil. He saw me and stood up, smiling. (Everyone here is so cheerful!)

"Hello, you must be Sylvia Maddocks!" He shook my hand and beckoned me over to a seat in front of his desk. I sat down and started talking.

(S=Sylvia M=Manager)

S-"Yes, I'm Sylvia. I'm here for the job opening? For the night-guard post?"

M-"Yes of course. Well there's not much to tell you really. Um, you're office is just down the hall from the main party room. In there is a desk, a security camera and some lovely pictures of the animatronics the children drew."

S-"Ok, so basically my job is to watch the cameras? Got it."

M-"Yes, you watch the cameras and just in case of any...intruders....there are two iron doors either side of the office. There is a button where you can turn on a light at the door, as it'll be quite dark. Another button-the top one- will close the door. Just be careful about power. The establishment only has so much power at night."

S-"Okay, is there anything else?"

M-"Well, just to warn you the characters do seem to wander a bit at night. This is because they were given no proper 'night-mode'. Your shift starts at 12pm going on to 6am. That's all."

S-"Okay. I'll be back later. Bye!"

M-"Bye!" And with that, I left the building and waited for 12pm to come.

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