I wandered into the forest, as I heard footsteps following my tracks. Twigs snapping, stairs creaking, birds flying out of the trees. I panicked and ran into the woods. My view was blocked by an old train station. I wanted to face it but suddenly the noises had stopped. A weird shadow appears out of no where; black eyes glaring at me. I shook my head and said to myself that it was just an ordinary house cat looking for food in the middle of the night. I held my breath but my heart was still shaking. I continued walking on the footpath, leading me into the forest. The noises were coming back, I was terrified, what was I supposed to do? I stopped in my tracks, left myself standing in front of the tree trunk, placed my hand above the bark and took one last deep breath. I slowly spun around. I have to face it I said to myself. My eyes blinked twice, capturing every single detail... Especially his caramel brown eyes, that were locked on mine instantly.




He held the small object towards us, however he was looking directly at me. He placed his pointing finger above the trigger, and his fingertips holding onto the gripper. As I watched his smirk fall, the gun was in fact pointing at me. I was gonna die, any moment now, I thought.  

This is like the worst day of my life, I'm gonna die! *Dramatically says it* What am I supposed to do? Run? He'll catch me and then kill me. Either way, I was going to die. Or maybe, he must of mistaken me for someone else? Yeah that's it!

Who am I to kid? Of course he wouldn't be mistaken, stupid stupid stupid!

But what the hell am I suppose to do?! For real this time. Beg for my life? Call for help? Tell this boy to get off of me? Sure that would totally work?!

~ 1 minute later ~

"Don't move!" Huh??

"Get off of me-" I said aggressively. 

"Shut. Up. Or you will die. Okay sweet cheeks." The good-looking boy said calmly. The palm of his hand covering my mouth. 

He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to his body. "I'm gonna kiss you now." He grins at me, playfully. He removed his hand away from my mouth, and his lips inches away from mine. 


"What's happening to me?" I said quietly, luckily no one had heard me. 

The good-looking one didn't say anything, instead, he held onto me tighter.

Another buzz went through my phone, making my side pocket vibrate.

Must be another text message from dad I thought. I slowly reached in my pocket to grab it but the cute boy shook me, looking dead into my eyes telling me to stop moving.

I held my phone close to my chest, I eyed back at the kid holding me. He gestured with his eyes directing me that he was going to make a move. I nodded in response.

He agreed back and he held my hands close, then he kissed them. He slowly spun around facing the old guy, I gripped his hands closer to mine while eyeing back at the ground waiting for him to tell me to run.

'Please make this quick!' I thought.

I watched him taking two steps forward while pulling me with him.

"She's all yours." He said, while grinning at the other guy. 

I raised both of my eyebrows and nudged his hand back for his attention but he was still making eye contact with the old guy. 

Finally, he turned his head around but this time he glared at me with his dark brown ones. They were as black as the night sky now. He tricked me?!

Then he forced my entire body to move along with his and his stare went back to the other guy.

'She's all yours?!' I repeated, over and over in my head. 

"What the hell is wrong with you!?" 







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