I wondered into a forest, as I heard footsteps following my tracks. Twigs snapping, stairs creaking, birds flying out of the trees at a certain point.. I panicked and ran into the woods. I blocked my view, past an old train station. I wanted to face it, even though its... the noises had stopped. A weird shadow appeared out of no where; black eyes glaring at me, hunger and in vain. I shook my head, said to myself that it was just an ordinary house cat looking for food in the middle of the night. Am I right? I held my chest, breathing slowly, my heart was still shaking. I followed the footpath leading me into the forest. The noise was all coming back, I was terrified, what was I supposed to do? I stopped in my tracks, left myself standing in front of the tree trunk, I placed my hand above the bark and took one last deep breath, and spun around slowly. My eyes blinked twice, capturing every single detail... Especially his caramel brown eyes, locked on mine instantly.




"I didn't actually think you would of turned around baby." A black hoodie and jeans figure stepped out behind a snow gum tree and stood there looking deep into my dark brown eyes, while pulling a smirk for a least a minute. My hands began to shiver by the way the snow falls above my hand, freezing my fingertips one by one. In an interval I was gripping onto the eucalyptus pauciflora branch as if I was ripping the flower and leaves off the stem, as I was just leaning against it, holding on for balance as I was about to fall from trying to pick up my phone off the ground, that laid right beside me, against the tree roots. My eyes grew wider as I see the boy staring towards my frightened expression while he pulls down his hoodie from his head.

He smiles, studying my every move, as I set my eyes somewhere else besides him. "What do you want with me?" I said nervously. 

His smile fades instantly as he brings both of his hands to his mouth. Blowing into his hands. "I don't know? What do you think?" He shot me a glare and stared back down towards the ground, pretending to laugh after. 

What do you want me to say? 'I'm scared!' I said in my head. My phone immediately vibrated in my side pocket. The screen lit up. A text message? "Dad." I whispered down to my pocket.

My head struck back up, noticing a hand brushing my chin. A sweet but bitter aura around us.

I wanted to push him off but my eyes were locked on his and my hands froze by his warm fingers touching against my skin. His breathing, running down my neck, as he brings his lips against ear. He kissed it? I shivered from head to toe. I stepped back, however he moved closer.

He smelt like cigarettes and alcohol. Ugh, gross. 

He lightly pushed my shoulder against the tree trunk, placing one leg between my legs, leaning closer so our foreheads were touching. My cheeks started to heat up, I shut my eyes closed. I bit my lip, while I felt his breathing against my neck again. "What are you doin-" 

"Are you cold?" He gestured his arms out for me to hug him. 

I rested my hands on his chest, as I was about to push him off of me, a sign to back off but something else caught my attention. I stared straight ahead and noticed a strange-looking figure standing in front of us, looking amused. An older man then this hoodie guy. Then right away, the figure reached into his back pocket, pulling out something small but deadly.  

"That guy." "He's holding a gun." I added. 


Sorry for the short chapter! The next one will be a bit longer, promise :) 

"Damn, your eyes." Quote~ Oneheartbeatxx 

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