Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


11. Whimper

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Harry's P.O.V

     As Luna laughed at yet another one of my famous knock knock jokes i always use to tell her, i can't help but stare at her deeply. She is one of the most beautiful girls on this planet, everything about her makes my heart beat speed up, my palms sweat, and shivers through my spine. I've never felt so strongly about someone, every time i think about what i did to her i want to bash my head into the nearest wall until I'm unconscious.

" Harry, you okay" I'm pulled out my thoughts by a smiling Luna with a confused look on her face, " yeah, I'm fine. Did you enjoy your steak?" i ask sitting straighter in my chair. I don't know why but when I'm around Luna i want to look as good as possible, I guess I'm just trying my hardest not to mess up again. " Yes, it was very delicious, thank you for taking me out tonight" she flashes her bright smile at me that makes the light indents on both sides of her chin appear.

" No problem, are you ready to head back?" I didn't want this night to end but if she was ready to go back home then so be it, " sure, would you like to stay at mines tonight? Olivia is going to be staying at a friends and i don't have work tomorrow?" i watch as a nervous glint passes through her eyes an she starts to nibble on her bottom lip. " Of course, but I'll have to stop at mine to get some clothes, my house is not far from here" she smiles again causing me to smile right back. Once i pay for the food, Luna having a small argument about how we should go half, we both walk towards my car hand and hand.


" You can go change in the bathroom down the hall" Luna points towards the direction of the bathroom and i nod to her.

Luna's P.O.V

     My cheeks heat once I hear the closing of the bathroom door. I can't believe i asked him to sleep over, i guess my old habits of asking Harry to stay the night came back. Its not like i was complaining, but since we are starting over i want to take things slow. Back in high school i felt like things were going pretty fast, we said our i love you's in 2 and a half months being together. " Are you going to change" my head shoots over to Harry standing there with sweats hung low on his hips exposing a little of his boxers, a naked torso, and his suit folded in one hand.

" Yeah, i was just got lost in thoughts" i send him a small smile to which he sends one back. " You can set your clothes on my dresser for tonight" we both walk into my room and Harry sets them on the dresser just like i had said, and i open it to look for sleeping clothes. I pick out a loose purple tank-top with black shorts. " I'll be out quick" i say then walk towards the bathroom. Once i was done changing i walk back into the room to find Harry looking at pictures.

My breath hitches in my throat when i see which one he is holding. Its the only picture i kept from when were dating, i love that picture because it was on our first date. He took me to go get ice cream afterwards and ended up pushing his cone on my nose. We looked so happy in that pic i couldn't throw it away. My head was slightly tilted back laughing, while Harry was staring at me, you can see the care in his eyes by the way he was staring and smiling. Some lady who was studying photography just snapped the picture and gave it to us, she said her dream job was to take pictures of couples for events, Jane her name was.

" I really love this picture" Harry mumbles turning around and smiling to me. My cheeks heat as i look towards the ground. Soon two pairs of feet come into vision and a hand is slowly pulling my face up, " I'm so sorry" Harry whispers to me, " its in the past Harry, lets just focus on the future" i say back looking into his eyes. His eyes dart down to my lips then back up to my eyes, soon my eyes close once i feel his warm soft lips on mine. The kiss was gentle, no rushing, no tongue, just a gentle kiss. His hand cradled my face softly while my hands make their way to his hair.

He slowly pushed me up against the wall, the ran his other hand up my thigh at a good pace. Harry started kissing me harder and squeezing my thigh. A small whimper came out my mouth causing me to blush a little. I pulled back out of breath, " we should get to bed" Harry smiles at my statement then takes my hand leading me to the bed. Even though my bed is big enough to fit about 5 people Harry quickly pulled me into his warm body. My back was pressed to his front, " goodnight love" he says kissing my hair, " goodnight haz" i yawn the slowly my body relaxes and I drift into a sleep with a small smile on my face. 

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