Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


5. Thank You

Not re-read so excuse my spelling mistakes!!!!!

Luna's P.O.V

   As i was pacing back and forth on the floor of my room the door opens. My nerves were a jumble mess, so were my thoughts. " Hey hey hey" Olivia puts her hand on my shoulder causing me to stop. I hadn't notice small slow tears were steaming down my face until she wiped them away and grabbed my face. " Whats the matter sweets" she whispers while slowing letting go of my face. Once i calmed my breathing down i took a deep breath, then looked into her concern eyes.

" Harry, thats they guy i was telling you about who i caught cheating on me a few years back. He was the one that made me change, he was the one who had such a big impacted on my life for some reason. I never thought i would see him again, I'm freaking out and i don't know what to do" at the end of my small rant Olivia gasps loudly. " Oh sweets, I'm so sorry. God! Why didn't i put the pieces together when i met him" i gave her a small hug, " its fine, you didn't know," i forced a small smile on my face.

" We should get back out there" i knew my eyes were still red but i walked past her into living room before we could protest. " Hey, sorry about that" i give them a smile then sit down back in my original spot. " So what are all of you in college for" i look around waiting for someone to answer. As i glanced at Harry i could see a small bit of concern on his face as he looked at my red rimmed eyes. " Well, I'm studying to become a lawyer" Liam says with a bright smile, " I'm studying to become a drama teacher" Louis pipes up, " And I want to become doctor too, thats how i met Olivia, shes in my medical physics ( don't actually know if thats a real class but oh well ) " as i looked at Harry i already knew what he was studying.

When we were together, he was non-stop talk about majoring in journalism, writing, and music. " I'm studying journalism, writing, and music" i nod my head forcing a smile on my face. Olivia, who sits on the rug, pipes up with a idea " hey how about we all play a game. I know this apartment is small so lets make this game bigger" everyone including me, had on confuse faces as to what game she was talking about. " Explain" i say while leaning back, " well so lets play hide in seek, BUT the hard part of this game is you can hide any where in this apartment building" " so all 20 floors are on limits" i say with a shocked face, " of course" she smirks back, " make sure you all have your phones so we can contact each other through text to see who's it" after we all exchange numbers, even Harry and i which was quite awkward, we were ready to go. 

" Okay, now who is going to be it" she says, we all look around the room but no one says anything. " I guess I'll be it" Louis says while standing. We all stand up too, " Okay I'm counting to 40" he quickly starts counting an we all run out the room. Everyone else runs down the stairs while i run up.

Harry's P.O.V

     As i was one of the last people running i catch a glimpse of Luna running up the stairs. Everyone else was running down so i decide to follow her quietly. She was fast like always, so i had to skip up steps to keep up where. Since we were on the 18 floor it didn't take long until a bright white door was in front of us. She quietly opens the slightly creaky door then slips through, quickly i catch the door after her and slip through also. " Wow" i mumble once the cool outside air brushes against my skin. " Harry?" i look over to see Luna giving me a confused look. " Hey" i say while rubbing the back of my neck.

" Did you follow me here" i nod my head while looking up at her. Her eyes held so much emotion i couldn't tell what she was feeling. " Look, i really want to talk to you" she lets out a huff then shakes her head, " i have nothing to say to you" its looks as if she was about to cry so i try to walk closer only to have her take a few steps back. " No, stay away from me" she spits, "I'm so sorry" i say trying to take a step closer, but again she walks back. " You have no idea what you put me through. I turned into a partying, cursing, drinking, smoking maniac! I lost my moms trust because i was always out late trying to get rid of the pain you caused me. Do you know i had to go to therapy, an still do just so i could get better!"

My heart breaks as i hear all the stuff she went through because of my huge mistake. " L-Luna" i stubble out not really knowing what to say at the moment. " You don't have to say anything, but thank you Harry" my eyebrows scrunch in confusion, " for what. I put you through hell" i say in disgust at myself, " my mom told me you were the one that bought me home that night i was drunk off my butt" i smile a little at how she didn't say ass. " I'd do it a thousand times" i whisper. She looks down at the ground, once she looks up she runs away leaving me confused. " Got ya!" i feel a sharp slap on my back then turn around to see it was Louis running away. 

Great, now I'm it.

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