Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


9. Stay the night

Luna's P.O.V

         " Thank you for telling me everything" i had already slipped back in my original spot once the pizza and drinks got here. Harry and I had made small talk while eating, we basically just talked about how our lives been; i left out the part of becoming a drunken and partying mess but i know he would like to hear about it soon. " I know this might be too soon to say seeing as we just started back talking to each other" Harry takes a deep breath looking into my eyes, " i was wondering if you would like to come back to my place. I won't try anything i swear, its just i really want to keep catching up for a few more hours" Harry bits his lip as he awaits for my answer.

" Sure" i smile to him while slipping my blazer back on, " okay I'll go pay, wait for me at the entrance yeah?" i nod my head then we both walk into a different direction. The wind had picked up but only caused slight goosebumps to form on my body, " I'm so sorry" my shoulder was bumped and i looked up to find Harry smiling down at me, " its fine, um i drove my car here so I guess I'll follow you" he nods his head and we both walk in silence while walking to the parking lot. I laugh once we both walk to our cars and see we parked right next to each other, " I live back up in town so it might take about 10-15 minutes depending on traffic" Harry says before getting into is black rang rover.

We both start our cars then pull out the parking lot. Harry is a fast driver causing me to lose him a couple of times. I know your not suppose to do this, but quickly i dialed Harry's number then set it on speaker and put the phone in the cup holder, " your not suppose to call and drive" was the first words said by Harry, " i know, but i just wanted to let you know that you have been driving over every single speed limit since we left" i laugh while turning down the street that lead to many big house lined up. " Well we are here now, so i guess it doesn't matter anymore" he chuckles through the phone causing me to roll my eyes. I hang up and put my phone back into my pocket. " Oh my god" i whisper once i see him pull into a big white house. It was just a normal two story house but my god was it beautiful.

" I thought you lived with your friends or on campus" i say once i step out the car, " no, staying on campus costed a lot more than buying this house" i nod while we both walk towards the dark blue door. " This is nice" i say while looking around his living room, dark wooden floors, brown leather couches with black pillows, a light cream color wall, and a fire place towards the back of the living room. " Thank you, a friend of mine helped decorate it" i slip off my heels because my feet were killing me, and i hang my blazer on a near by coat hanger bolted on the wall. " Would you like some wine?" we walk into the kitchen, " no thanks" i know its just wine, but I've been trying to stop myself from drinking anything alcohol related, I do not want to fall back into the past.

" Is there something wrong" i guess he saw how i was staring off into space with a sad expression on my face, " yeah" i force a small smile. Harry huff then sits across from me on a stool. He grabs my hands then looks into my eyes, " what happened to you after everything went down?" I gulp looking towards the counter. " Do you really want to know?" i whisper looking back up at him, " please" he whispers back. " Well after i caught you i kind of went into a depression, not going to school, not going outside, i hardly even got out of bed unless it was to go bathroom. I stopped talking to my mother, i had shut her out. Then one day while my mom was at work i went to the liquor cabinet and drank bottle after bottle. That night i had passed out in my room, and i woke up the next morning with a pounding headache. I didn't know what to do, but I've heard people say that to get rid of a hangover just drink some more, so i did.

I started to get bored of just drinking by myself so i started to go to parties. My mother was furious at me, we use to always get into arguments, we even hit each other once" i grimace at  that horrible memory, " for a year i basically used every curse word that was written down, then one day my mom just broke down in front of me, that's when i realized that this is not what i want my life to be like. I got some help, I'm still getting help. I now go to therapy every Thursday. I finished high school online and now i got a job and I'm helping myself out" I smile looking up towards Harry. " I'm sorry i made you go through that" he whisper looking down, " no need to be, the way i look at things is, everything happens for a reason. Everything has a lesson at the end" a yawn escapes my mouth.

" Tired" i nod my head, " would you like to stay here tonight?" my cheeks heat but i quickly shake the thoughts out my head, " sure" " I'll show you the guest room" we walked up the stairs then he lead me to a room on the right side of the hallway. " I'll bring you some clothes" this room was beautiful. Grey walls, white carpet, a big black bed in the middle of the room, and black dressers. " Here you go" i take the clothes out Harry's hands. I throw them on the bed then, shocking Harry, i gave him a hug. His arms wrap around my waist holding me tightly, while mines wrap around his neck. " Thank you for telling me your story, and listening to mine" i pull back but his hands held my hips preventing me from moving. Slowly he leans down connecting our lips. The kiss was slow, creating a mix of butterflies to flutter in my stomach. Harry pulled back slowly releasing my bottom lip, " thank you" he whisper then planted a kiss on my lips one last time before walking out the room. I was now glad i chose to stay the night.


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