Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


10. Start Over

Luna's P.O.V

     " Oh my god what" i mumble into my phone. Its only about 7 in the morning and someone has been calling me non-stop, irritating my soul, " where are you" i huff as i hear Olivia's voice, " I'm sleeping, I'll call you back in a few hours" i heard her start to protest but i already had hung up and put my phone on silent. Once i was just about to drift off into sleep again a knock on my door causes me to groan, " go away" i say before shoving my face into the cool pillow. " Come on i made breakfast, your favorite too" i look over quirking a eyebrow at Harry, " chocolate chip pancakes, eggs covered in syrup, and apple juice?" he nods his head causing me to huff.

Even though i really just want to sleep, i can't pass up on food, especially the pancakes. " Fine" i stand up causing the large shirt i wore to reach mid thigh, " i missed this sight" my cheeks heat but i just walk past him down the stairs. " Oh my Jesus" i mutter quickly slipping into the stool, i grab the fork and just as i was about to cut into the steaming pancakes Harry's loud but adorable laugh rings through my ear. " What" i question shoving a large piece into my mouth, " you look like you haven't eaten in days" i shrug my shoulders stuffing my face with yet another large piece of food.

Harry joins me, sitting on the other side of the island. We had the same plate of food except he didn't cover his eggs in syrup like me, he always thought it was weird. " Thank you" i say looking up at him, he nods his head because there was still food in his mouth. We both took a sip of apple juice before he spoke, " i have class in a few minutes, so i was wondering if after you would like to head out for dinner?" my cheeks heat but i manage to mumble a small yes. " Great, well we should probably get going" i nod my head while we both head up stairs.


" Thats all?" Olivia ask after i explain what happen yesterday, i didn't tell her about what he did to his mom's boyfriend because i felt like that was something personal to him that he should only share. " Did you feel something when he kissed you?" A small shy smile formed on my face while i looked over to her, " yeah, it was.............nice. I though that my feelings for him were gone but there is just something there" i smile looking into the distant. " Well how about you give him another chance" i look towards the ground thinking. " I don't know" i puff out shaking my head, " yes i still feel something when I'm around him, but i don't want to be heart broken again you know" she nods her head agreeing with me.

" Well how about you go get ready for your little date tonight" Olivia sends me a warm smile but wiggles her eyebrows causing me to throw a couch pillow at her and run off into my room. I grabbed a light blue towel then walked out into the bathroom. I showered until Olivia came beating on the door that i only had a hour and a half left to get ready. Quickly i got out and went into the room where i found Olivia setting up make up. " Here, i picked out this cute outfit" i looked at the outfit on my bed and slipped it on after putting on lace undergarments.  " Pretty" i mumbled twirling in the mirror, i had a off the shoulders long sleeve white top that was tight at the top but flared out towards the waist, dark washed jeans that had little zippers lining the ankles, and i slipped on white heels.

" Okay, hair" i kept my hair dry since i had washed it yesterday. Olivia lightly curled my hair to the side then brushed it out gently creating small waves mixed with curls that looked beautiful. She applied gold and black eye shadow, a winged eyeliner, mascara, and a nude lipstick. " Thank you" i lightly kiss her cheeks not wanting to leave a lipstick stain. A knock at the door caused me nerves to sink in. " Go get em tiger" Olivia made a roar sound after while clawing the air causing me to let out a laugh. After slipping some money and my phone into a black clutch olive let me borrow i was walking towards the door. I swung open the door and my mouth slightly dropped, there Harry was in a red and black striped tux holding my favorite flower, white roses. " Thank you so much" i say taking the roses and putting them into the grey vase by the door.

" You look beautiful" my cheeks heat as he compliments me once we get into the elevator. " You look very handsome" i say back, my cheeks still hot. Are fingers lace together as we walk out the building. " Where are we going?" i ask once we slip into his car, " its a surprise" he whispers then pulls out the parking lot. He sent me a playful wink when i groaned in annoyance. " How was your day" i ask sitting further into the seat, " it was very long. I have a writing assignment that is due in a week and its stressing me out. I have to write about something that i want, but i have to work a long way for it" i let a hmm listening to him.

" Well, do you have any ideas yet" i watch as a small smile makes it way to his face, " i have one in mind" i nod my head and look back out the window. " No way" i gasp once i see what restaurant we are pulling into. " Its so hard to book reservations here, how did you do it" i look over to find Harry already looking at me, " i have my ways" was all he said before hoping out the car. He walked around and opened my door, and helping me get down. " Steady there tiger" he says after i almost fell jumping down, " get a lower car" i mumble causing him to laugh. " Hello! Welcome to The Chandelier last name please" the peppy blonde sends us both a smile causing me to smile back. " Reservation for styles" Harry's voice caused shivers into me, it was deep and laced with so much confidence and authority. 

" Oh yes, right this way Mr and Mrs Styles" i almost wanted to say something but i just shrugged and kept my mouth closed. They table we were lead to was kind of a hidden table, it was in a slightly dim corner but candles on the side of us lit it up, also the small light in the middle of the table. " A waiter will be with you soon" she smiles then walks back to the front. " This place is amazing" i say still looking around. High ceilings with bright chandeliers hanging down, dark blood red carpets, white tables, black chairs, and cherry red walls. " What are you thinking about getting" Harry ask causing me to skim the menu, " um I think I'll have a steak with a Dr. Pepper, how about you" i ask closing the menu, " same but with a sprite" i smile at him causing him to smile back.

" Hello, I'll be your waiter today my name is Matt, what would you lovely couple like to eat" his smile was bright as he eyes shifted between Harry's and mine waiting for one of us to order, " Can we get 2 steaks, a Dr.Pepper , and a sprite" Harry orders, " of course, how would you like the steaks" " medium" i answer for me " same" Harry says after. " Okay, your orders will be here in 20-30 minutes" Matt walks away giving me and Harry time to talk. " How has your day been" he asks me, " it has been well, just been at home talking to Olivia, she stayed home today because she was ' sick ' " i put quotations marks around the word sick because i knew she just didn't want to go to school today.

" I'm glad you said yes to letting me take you out to dinner" he sends me a smile causing my cheeks to heat. God, i haven't blushed so many times for years, " I'm glad i said yes" i smile back to him. " I missed this" he says looking deep into my eyes, " i did too" i whisper back to him. " Can we start all over" i almost choke on my own spit, but i took a deep breath. " I know i fucked up in the past" i grimace at his use of that curse word, " sorry i know you don't like cursing. But like i was saying i really want to try to make things right with you. We don't even have to title it yet, we can start off as slow as you want" i look into his pleading eyes. " Okay, we can start over" i whisper while a big smile stretches on both of our faces.

A/N HELLO!! I just want to say everyone have a safe Thanksgiving tomorrow!! Eat a WHOLE LOT UNTIL YOU CAN'T EAT NO MORE!! lmaooo but yeah, there will be no updates tomorrow because i will be gone so HAVE A VERY GOOD TIME WITH YOUR FAMILIES, FRIENDS, GIRLFRIEND, BOYFRIEND, WHO EVER YOU'RE SPENDING IT WITH HAVE A GREAT TIME AND TELL THEM NAE SAYS HIIIII!!!

                                                                                    All the love, Naexx


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