Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


18. Smiles

Luna's P.O.V

    " Welcome" a smile is placed on my face as i continue to greet customers and take orders. After eventful days I'm finally back at work. Today was such a sunny day which added more happiness to my mood. Harry and I have been doing amazing for this past week. We've been texting a each other all day, and face-timing at night until we fall asleep. He told me everything with Amber has been sorted out and they no longer talk to one another. As if my day can't get any better a loud gasp escapes my mouth as i watch my mom walk through the door.

A large smile was set on her face. I darted from behind the cash register and ran to her. Our arms wrapped around each other as we held each other tight. I felt my shirt dampen causing me to pull back and see small tears had escaped her eyes. " I've missed you so much" she says while rubbing my arms up and down, " look how pretty you've grown" a large smile was on her face as she looked my short figure up and down. " Mom, I've missed you so much, i have a lot to tell you" i lean in and kiss her cheek. I walk her over to a table and tell her I'll be right back.

" Hey, i have to talk to my mom real quick, do you mind doing register for a few minutes" Casey nods her head before waving me off. " Okay mom, don't freak out okay" i say slipping into the seat across from her, " you know you can tell me anything baby" she smiles patting my hand, " well recently I've saw Harry" she lets out a small gasp, " and well we decide to start over" i wait for her reaction but all she does is smile and shake her head, " i knew it."

I look at her with confusion, " Baby, when you two were dating in high school i knew you guys were going to go a long way. Yes i was shocked when everything happen, but i knew faith would bring y'all back together. Love like that wouldn't just run away for forever" i roll my eyes but laugh a little. " Well i guess you were right because my life is amazing right now, and seeing you has made it even better" my mother is my everything, so being able to talk to her after a few months is just fabulous. 

" We have a lot of catching up to do" i grin towards her, " oh do we now" she smiles back. Oh how i missed these moments.

A/N I know its short but this was a bit rushed!!! The next chapter will be better!!!

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