Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


15. Reliving

Harry's P.O.V

      My feet tapped quickly against the small elevator floor. The numbers counting the floors I've passed seem to take forever to change. The tapping of my foot had started to not be enough to calm my nerves so my fingers started to drum against the medal railing that lined the small square space. My brain was trying to send signals to my body to calm down but the more I thought about letting Luna slip past my fingers the frustration at myself grew stronger.

The thoughts that had consumed my head was nothing but negative. My body felt as if fire was erupting from inside me. I grew so nervous the space of this elevator felt like it was closing in on me. Every time i looked at the walls it felt as if they were getting closer. This is not good for my claustrophobia, i knew i should have taken the stairs, i probably would have gotten their faster too. I almost screamed in joy as the elevator had finally reached level 18 and the doors opened. 

As soon as there was enough room to allow my body to slide through i quickly did so. My feet were getting heavier the closer i got to her door. It felt as if my lungs had lost the ability to get air. My head started to fell dizzy as anger flashed into me quickly. That couldn't be that jerk from the coffee cafe. " Luna" i said while walking even faster to her door. Luna was stood out in the hallway with a very angry look upon her face. When her head shot towards me i saw a little bit of relief  but she quickly shot a burning angry gaze my way too.

" James, you really need to go and NEVER come back! How many times do i have to tell you it was just ONE date! And it happened almost a year ago! Can you please get over the fact that i don't and will never like you" i watched in amusement as she went off on him. My anger was still present though, i had to focus on Luna or else i will start beating the shit out of that guy. They way he forcefully grabbed her replayed in my head causing my blood to boil. When i looked down at the arm he grabbed it was still slightly purple, but that was enough to make me go crazy.

" I think you should leave" the base in my throat had deepen as i stepped in between the two of them. " Who is this Luna, your boyfriend? So you replaced me huh?" i heard a irritated huff escape her lips, but before she could respond i did, " yes, and i will not hesitate to chuck your ass out the hallway window, leave" venom was dripping from my mouth. It took almost everything in me to not throw him up against the wall and beat the living shit out of him. " I'll see you soon" he looked past my shoulder and passed a wink at Luna.

I took a deep breath and watched as he walked away and down the stairs.  " Are you okay? Did he touch you again?" i had turned around to inspect Luna's body to make sure no more bruises were placed on her innocent skin. She rolled her eyes at me, " oh don't give me this bs, you just had a girl answer your phone! Was she a girlfriend you wanted to tell me about" she crossed her arms over her chest. " L-listen" i stuttered out. I was nervous, i didn't want to say the wrong thing, " Amber, her and I have been sort friends with benefits for almost a year now" she lets out a scoff, " so thats why you left me to wake up alone? So you can go have sex! Gosh Harry if thats all you really want from me now, please spare my feelings and tell me because i will not have my heart broken by you AGAIN."

I really wanted to just go and hug her as i saw tears brim her eyes. " You know, I don't even know why I'm getting so worked up over this. I knew you couldn't change, hell were not even together" she gasped at herself, " excuse my language, but i hope you have fun with her, i hope she fulfills all your needs and wants" her voice had turned softer. With a soft bump of her shoulder on my arm she was walking behind me and into her apartment. Once that door slammed it was like a million needles stabbing my heart. It was almost as if i was re-living the day she walked out my life for 3 years.

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