Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


4. Present Time

Luna's P.O.V

  Present Time

           " Oh my god, stop calling me you creep" i hang up on James once again then huff. Every since we went on a date to the movies a few months back, he has non-stop been calling and texting me. I wake up to thousands and hundreds of miss calls from him and texts. Once he even showed up at my mothers door step, I've moved now and hes been dying to know where i live but i will never tell him. My small cozy apartment was shared by my roommate Olivia ( A/N i pick that name cuz its a song on Made in the A.M) an myself.

Olivia was very pretty but very wild. She was taller than me by a few inches, long brown hair with red ends, big brown eyes, and freckles litter her cheeks. " Hey babe, how was class" i ask once she walks in, " why did i join college again" she grumbles while sitting on the black couches next to me,  " because you want to be a doctor" i laugh patting her back. " Yeah but its so much work" i roll my eyes, " maybe if you don't party almost every night you'll actual be awake in class the next day" she just rolls her eyes back then leans on my shoulder. Even though we haven't known each other for long, she is like the older sister I always wanted, not by much though as i am turning 20 next month and she is turning 22 next month also.

" How has writing an the job been going" I've been writing songs that helps put my emotions out there, and I've also got a job working at a small cafe its amazing, " good as always" i send her a bright smile to which she returns. " Hey, before i go shower a few of my friends from college are going to come over for a bit, is that okay with you? " she looks with pleading eyes, " of course, any friend of yours is a friend of mine" she claps her hands while sending me a nod and disappearing into the bathroom. 


Sometimes i forget how long Olivia takes to shower. She has been in there for almost a hour, but who am I to complain, unless im in a rush i could shower for hours. As i was pulling down my white spandex shorts while fixing my grey muscle shirt, someone knocked at the door. I slid to the door in my grey knee highs then swung it open, " hello, is this where Olivia lives" i look up to see 4 boys standing there. One of them was super tall but i couldn't see his face as he was looking down, his long light brow hair creating a shield. " Yeah, she told me some of her friends where stopping by so come on in" i open the door wider and let them walk through.

" This is nice" the blonde boy said " thank you, we decorated together" i send them a smile as we take a seat on the couches. The blonde boy, the boy with a little high voice, and my self sat on the larger couch while the brown eyed boy, and curly head boy who still was yet to show his face, sat on the couch across from us. " Excuse our manners, I'm Liam" the brow eyed boy said, " I'm Louis" " I'm Niall" i waited for the other boy to speak but he wouldn't even look up. Liam elbowed him in the gut then with a deep breath he finally looked up. A small gasp escaped my lips, those eyes, those lips i could never forget them. " And I'm Harry" he said staring deeply into my eyes. " I'm Luna" i whisper out while staring back into his eyes.

This can not be happening, " so guys what i miss" Olivia's cheery voice rings through the room. I get up from my seat and walk into my room closing the door. I didn't mean to make a scene but i thought i would never see him again, and now that i have something inside of me is starting to bubble up again, making me question................ do i still love Harry?  


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