Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


13. Old Habits Die Hard

Luna's P.O.V

       My arms stretch out while a loud yawn escapes my mouth. I was a little shocked when i reached out further and didn't feel the warm body of Harry next to me. The sheets where he laid was slightly warm but quickly turning cold. A pang of hurt shot through my heart a little at his absence. I sat up slowly in the bed with a sour face, his tux was gone off the dresser and his phone was no where either. " Great" i mumble throwing my legs over the bed and shiver as the cold air hits my exposed body parts.

I quickly throw on a red sweater that was on my dresser over my tank top, and slip on some knee high white socks. My messy hair was thrown up into a ponytail with a few strands escaping, while sleep was still present in my eye. I notice i was really hungry when my stomach growled loudly causing me to let out a small giggle. The whoosh of air smacked my face once i opened the door. I was confused when the smell of bacon was floating through the air.

My first thought was maybe Olivia came home, but some where in the back of my mind i was praying Harry had actually stayed. " Hello sweets" a disappointed look crossed my face as Olivia stood in the kitchen making bacon with eggs and other sorts. " Hey" i perching myself on one of the kitchen stools. I guess she took notice to had quickly my mood had shifted, " whats wrong" she cut the stove off while taking out the last piece of bacon, " its dumb" i say shaking my head.

She raises her eyebrows at me while turning around, " tell me, maybe it might actually be something important" i let out a huff, " well last night i asked Harry to stay over here with me; he did but when i woke up everything he bought here was gone and so was he. I guess I'm just bummed he left without telling me" i shaking my head at myself. Maybe he had something important to do. " Well, how about you call him and get him to explain" this is why i loved Olivia.

She always gave me the best advice. She didn't fuel my anger or pain towards the situation, she tried to help me make it better. " Your right" i smile to her then walk back towards my room, " I'm always right" i let out a loud laugh before closing my door. That girl is truly something else. My phone between my hands was tossed lightly back and forth as i thought about what to say. I didn't want to come off as angry because i wasn't, i was more so confused with hurt linger between the lines. " Now or never" i mumble then click his contact. The ringing of the phone was making me even more nervous. " Hello" my throat tightens and eyes widen. My body stills but my blood slowly boils, " hello?" the high pitch voice says again, " who is this" i say through clenched teeth.

" Amber, who are you and why are you calling Harry's phone" my mouth drops on shock at this mysterious females attitude, " who the hell are you! You know what i don't care, just tell Harry Luna said this is why i always second guess, second chances" i spit down the phone then hang up. I can't believe him, first he ask me for a second chance then leaves me for some girl. I had faith he would change, but i guess old habits die hard.

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