Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


20. Keep Your doors Locked

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Luna's P.O.V

        " God mother its so good to see you again" my breath was just taken away. Its been a few months, close to a year that we haven't seen each other. " Its good to see you too baby, what do you plan on doing later on today?" i pondered over any plans I've made but didn't seem to find none, " nothing" i smile to her, " great because im taking you out tonight for dinner. Now get back to work and I'll call you and tel you when to start getting ready."

After exchanging goodbyes i go back to working and watch her leave. My mother lives about 20 minutes away from where i live, but i didn't want to risk James finding me again so she never visited my apartment just in case he was following but i guess that doesn't matter now because he knows were i live anyway.


The day of work was finally over, for me at least. The time read 7:30pm and i was glad to just get the night going. I didn't say bye to anyone working, as i was exhausted and just wanted to take a needed shower. My converse scuffed the pavement as i walked towards my building. 

The streets were slightly empty, only homeless people standing at corners. I felt bad for them because who would want to have to fight everyday just for something to eat and last them days. It sucked to see, sometimes i go out and hand them food with water so they could have something to eat in this heat.

When i reached my building i almost screamed as i bumped into somebody. I looked up to find Liam staring down at me, " Liam? What are you doing here?" the last time i saw him was when Olive invited them over. " Oh Olivia didn't tell you? We have a date tonight and I'm here to come get her" i smile big. It was nice to see Olivia going on a date with a good guy. The other guys shes been with have treated her so wrong.

" Well thats amazing. I hope you two have fun, but not too much fun" i sent a playful wink causing both of us to laugh. I waved bye and kept walking to my building. The elevator ride went surprisingly quick. Once the doors open i was met with a dressed up Olivia. " Have fun on your date with Liam" i smirked at her shocked expression as to how i knew. I waved and walked into the apartment. 

I let out a huff as Olivia's clothes linger in the living room. She may be older but I'm certainly more clean and mature then here most of the times. Instead of cleaning up her mess i just walked into my room to disregard my clothes. I ran to the bathroom in nothing but my underwear and a towel. The hot water hit my skin and caused me to sigh out in relief. I washed my whole body, shaved, and washed my hair twice. When i got out and wrapped the towel around me i shivered from the cold air coming from the vents.

" What should i wear?" i hum to myself while looking through my closet. I didn't know where we were going so i chose to stick with simply yet classy. I put on my lace underwear, white jeans, a light blue button up, and paired everything with black pumps. My wavy hair was slicked back into a tight ponytail with only a few strands by my ears.

My phone went off and i quickly pressed answer, " Hello?" i said as i forgot to check the caller, " lock your door right now" my mothers worried tone rings through the phone. " Mom i always look my door, whats the matter?" i ask growing concered. Her loud gulp was heard, " i was on my way out the house when James stopped by," my breath hitched in my throat, " he had a knife Luna" she whispered out and i could already tell she was crying.

" He said if he can't have you then no one will have you, not even family" tears almost spilled out my eyes but i kept calm. " Mother I'm going to call someone, just stay home and keep your doors locked" i hung up the phone and was getting ready dial Harry's number when a loud knock went off on my door.

" Oh Luna, i have something for you" my breathing stopped as the menacing voice of James rang in my ears.

A/N Welp i re-read this story and thought about how this story was just toooo good to delete or stop writing so I'm going to start it back up!! Hope you like it!!

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