Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


14. In a flash

Harry's P.O.V

  " Amber where is my phone" i rush out my room and slightly gasp once i see her hanging up my phone. " Why the hell do you have my phone" i say through clench teeth and snatch it out her hands, " don't be so angry, by the way Luna said something about second guessing second chances or something along those lines" i stare in shock at the brunette girl in front of me. Stupidity confusion lingered in her eyes but was quickly replaced with fake lust.

" Don't you look sexy right now" i roll my eyes while my face turns red, " fuck!" i yell out causing her to jump in her spot a little. Great, i knew i should have ended things with Amber as soon as Luna said yes to our little date. Amber is more of a friends with benefits type relationship that has been happening for almost a year now. After losing Luna i couldn't bare the thought of finding someone else with out at least explaining myself to her.

" Amber get out" I say while staring down at her, " but baby w-" " GET THE FUCK OUT" the rage in my body had taken over. " Fine asshole, call me when you get the pipe out your ass" she huffs then walks out my house. The first thought was that crossed my mind was to call Amber back to take my anger out in a different way, but i knew that would only makes things worse. " Call her" i mumble to myself. I quickly dial Luna's number but it goes to voicemail after a few rings.

" No no no no, i can't let her slip away again" i sprint to my room and throw on the first pair of jeans i saw, a shirt, and my boots. Once i got into my car i was pulling out the drive way, not even looking for cars driving behind me. Thank god the roads were slightly empty causing me to speed all the way to Luna's place.

Luna's P.O.V

    " Are you serious" i nod my head after explain what just happen to Olivia. " I was truly hopping he would change, but i guess not" i mumble wiping the pathetic tears that had fallen down my face. A knock at the door caused me to gulp, i had a gut feeling i knew who it was and i really didn't feel like talking to him right now. " I'll get it" i say standing up. If it is him i want to be the one to slam the door in his face. The pounding on the door got harder causing me to roll my eyes. " Hello beautiful" my mouth drops in shock not expecting him at all. 

" James?" i spit out in disbelief. The menacing smile on his face caused my blood to run cold, " in a flash" he whispered coldly. 

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