Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


17. I wrote it for you

Luna's P.O.V

   For 3 whole hours a smile never failed to break its way onto my face. As our bodies lay tangled together in my bed, I thought about how happy he still makes me feel. When Harry is around me its like I'm at a never ending party, he was the music that made my body dance. Even when sweat was rolling down my body like a shower his music was never ending causing my body movement to never end. Harry was the tune that i always craved.

" I'm sorry" those two whispered words were repeated by Harry at least twice in every hour he has been here. " Please stop apologizing, the past is the past, we have to look towards the future" after saying that line i started to ponder. Will he still be in my future? 3 years ago i thought Harry was just a lesson once we broke up. My mother told me that he was just someone who blew into my heart like a storm only to wash me out like a tsunami. " I see you" his randoms words broke me out of my thoughts, " of course you do, I'm right here" i scooted up from his chest to look him into the eyes.

" No, i mean i see you in my future. Even 3 years ago when i messed up i still saw you apart of my future. I had hope that i would find you again, and once i did i promised to never let you go again. I care so deeply about you still it scares me to mess up again because if i loose you again i know it will be for good, and thats scary." my mouth hangs open a little as the words come pouring out his mouth. " Harry, i care about you too. It was hard enough to manage 3 years without you, these 2 days apart was like hell for me" i chuckled lightly causing him to send me a small smile.

His large reached up to caress my cheek, " this is my last time saying this, I'm sorry i really am. I promise that its only you and I from this day forward" i felt tears prick my eyes. The way his slow voice said each word with so much meaning behind them made my body  go crazy with emotions. " Harry" i whispered but was soon stop by myself as my breath caught in my throat and two small tears fell from my eyes. " Please don't cry baby" he quickly wiped the tears away. " If i could fly, I'd be coming right back home to you. I think i might give up everything just ask me to. Pay attention i hope that you listen cause i let my guard down. Right now I'm completely defenseless. For your eyes only, i show you my heart." My tears stop as i stare with adoration as Harry starts to sing to me.

" For when your lonely and forget who you are. I'm missing half of me when we're apart. Now you know me for your eyes only." He stops singing and stares at me, passion leaking into his eyes. " I wrote that song not too long ago with the lads. It was for you" a large smile makes it way to my face and i lean down and give him a long sweet kiss. " Thank you" emotion leaking out my voice, " anything for you" he whispered back.


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