Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


8. I Miss You

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Luna's P.O.V

     " How do i look" i turn to face Olivia who sat on my bed playing on her phone. She looked up at me and gasped, " if i was a dude, i would bang" i roll my eyes looking over my fancy, yet causal outfit. I had high waist black floral skinny jeans, a white crop top, black blazer, and i for the first time in a long time i put on the pumps my mother bought me a while ago. My hair was left in its natural wavy state, i put on a clear lip gloss, and mascara to finish off everything. It was around 2:10 but i knew i had to leave now because Joe's Pizza is close to downtown, and downtown is a very busy area.

" Bye sweets, have fun but not to much fun. I don't want to be a aunt this young" i roll my eye grabbing my phone, " trust me, i don't want to be a mother this young; but goodbye olive" i kiss her cheek then grab my keys and was out the door. " There's my beauty" i mumble once i spot my beautiful black land rover. " Still smells fresh" i say once i get in my very clean car. I've only rode this car about 5 times because most of the places i go are walking distance. " Lets roll out, i really need to stop talking to myself" i shake my head and laugh. Soon the car was in silence with music playing faint in the background.

As i neared closer to Joe's Pizza the nerves that I've been trying desperately to avoid appeared in my stomach. Its hard to get over your first true love, until Harry came I didn't actually know what love was. He showed me, he taught me things that no one else could. He taught me how to love myself first, then slowly i fount out how to love him also. It was a amazing, scary, but loving journey that I honestly wouldn't mind going through again. " You can do this" i wiped pathetic fallen tears from my eyes, " thank god this mascara is water proof, or I'll have raccoon eyes" i mumble turning on my car. 

" Welcome to Joe's Pizza" the lady behind the front desk greeted me. I gave her the best smile i could muster, " hello" i said. My eyes scanned the area for Harry's tall figure, " there he is" i force a smile on my face as i make my way towards Harry. " H-hi" i stutter out while sitting down, " Hello Luna" the way his deep voice said my name was almost magical. " How has your day been" i slip off my blazer while i await for his answer, " good, but its slowly getting better" he sent me wink which caused my cheeks to turn into tomatoes.

Before i can respond a waitress  comes over to take our order, " Hello I'm Jocyln, I will be your server today. What can i get you lovely couple" before i can protest Harry sent her a smile then started to order, " well can we get one large pizza but half pepperoni and half bacon" i smile as he remember my favorite pizza. Its weird how we still remember little facts about each other, " sure! Coming right up, and for drinks" " I'll take a Dr.Pepper" say closing the small menu, " and I'll have a Sprite" Harry puts his down also.

Jocyln nodded her head then left. " So, how has your life been" i felt like i was catching up with a old friend, but really it was a ex-boyfriend, a ex-boyfriend who cheated on me. " Life has been, a little long lets just say" Harry responds looking into the distance with a sort of upset face. " Can i be honest with you" he ask looking deep into my eyes, " i missed you so much. I wanted to talk to you, just explain what happen for so long, but you told me to never talk to you again. My heart broke, i still regret everything after these years. You have to believe me when i say i never meant to brake your heart on purpose. Once you opened the door a few days ago i immediately knew it was you.

I panic, i didn't even have the guts to look you in the eyes until Liam elbowed me in the gut to speak. I was scared you were going to kick me out honestly. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that i never lost feelings for you, and its scaring me. Its scary for me, also heartbreaking, if i find out you no longer care for me" he took a deep breath then looked at me with glossy eyes. " I-i-i" i didn't know what to say, it was so out of the blue. " Well i guess since we are being honest I'll tell you this" i take a deep breath then look into his eyes, " For the past 4 years I've been telling Olivia i no longer care for you" i watch as he suck in breath and a pained look crossed his face, " but, every since you entered my life again something has been sparked inside me again. I can't describe the feeling but every time I'm around you i get that nervous feeling again like when we were just kids in high school crushing on each other."

Harry laughs at the awkward memory of us being high school crushes. " But before i truly tell you, that I miss you or if i still care about you, i need to know why you cheated on me" my heart breaks a little as the word cheated flies out my mouth. " Well, here it goes" he takes a deep breath

3 years ago

Harry's P.O.V

      " Macy, what are you doing on my phone" i snatch the phone away from my sister annoying friend. Where the hell is Gemma, and why isn't she here already? She said it would only be a hour, it has now been 2 hours, " aww Harry i didn't know you had a girlfriend" she puts on a fake pout face, " yeah i do, one that i love very much" i say clearly so she'll get the hint i don't want her. Don't get me wrong, Macy is a pretty girl but she is also a huge slut; she has sex with anything with a dick between its legs.

" Are you sure you love her?" something flashed through her eyes but all i did was nod my head, " well then I guess you won't mind me telling your lover about that night" my eyes widen as i look over to here, " you promised you wouldn't say nothing, it was a fucking mistake" i say through clench teeth. " I won't" she say causing me to breath, " but you have to do me a favor" i roll my eyes, " what" i spit out. I was surprised when she climbed on my lap and whispered to me, " let me show you what you're missing once last time" i quickly push her off me, " what the fuck! I have a girlfriend who i love with every fiber in my body, and you're really asking me to have sex with you! Are you insane" she shrugs her shoulders standing up, " okay, then tomorrow at school only will Luna know, but the whole school will know what you did to your mom's boyfriend."

I gulped then weighed my decisions. God, she can't find out, not like that. " Okay" i whispered, tears pooling in my eyes. " Lets go babe" she grabs my shirt and literally pulls me to my room. This is something I know i will regret for the rest of my life.

Flash back over

Harry's P.O.V

     " What did you do to your mom's boyfriend Harry" i look towards the window not wanting to look her in the eyes, afraid after i tell her what i did she'll leaved scared from me. " When i was 16 my mother got a boyfriend, his name was James. He was a nice man at first. Then after a few months he started to hit on my mom and sister. I couldn't take it anymore, one day i came home from school and all of a sudden i was grabbed by the neck. James through me on the floor in my kitchen. When i looked around my mother and sister were passed out on the floor with blood oozing slowly from their foreheads." I took a deep breath and tried to push the tears away.

A small shudder rang through my body as i felt Luna's hand slip into mine. She sent me sad smile with a small tear rolling down her cheek, " he grabbed me and slammed my back in the counter. I had to do something to protect us, so grabbed the closes object by me, it was a knife" i whisper shaking my head, a small tear fell down my cheek, " I knew i shouldn't have done it, but i had to protect us" i whisper s as more tears fall, " i stabbed him in the back, he died in the hospital due to blood loss. The cops ruled it as a self defense, so i didn't get charge or put in jail for it. My mother was thankful that i helped them, but i pushed her away. I knew it was a dumb thing to do, but for some reason i pushed everyone away."

I looked to find Luna slipping into the seat next to me, " how did Macy know" she whispered, " before Macy became a slut she was actually my girlfriend at the time. I had told her, and thats when she broke up with me. I never thought i would find someone again, so when i fount you i knew you were the one. She knew how much I loved you, and i couldn't bare the thought of you leaving me because of that. I swear I'm so sorry, i just didn't want you to leave me, but i guessed it happened anyway" i mumble looking down. " Harry, i wouldn't have left you if you would have just told me. You know i would never judge you" i looked down staring deeply into her eyes. " You might be mad at me for this, but fuck it" i say then grab her cheeks. 

I bend down molding our lips together. I smile a little when i find out the spark we had is still there in the kiss. My lips molded perfectly with her soft plump ones, she kissed back just as gentle as i am. Her small hands wrapped around my wrist, pulling back a smile at her, " i missed you " she whispered looking down. A huge smile made its way to my face as i hugged her, " Here is you guys pizza"

 A/N So I'm thinking about deleting End of the Day because I listened to this song called Dollhouse and i now want to write a story that goes with it. 

So the story would be about a girl who's parents are the richest in the city. All the kids envy her wealth, but they don't know what goes on behind close doors. Behind close doors its a different story. Arguing, and slightly abusive parents, a brother who is always high. She has to put on a act every time so goes out. She thinks no one knows what she is going through, and she wants to keep it that way. Then a mysterious new boy by the name of Harry enters her life. She soon realizes that he is going no where fast, but she still doesn't want to let him in. Will he be able to break the wall and help fix her broken life.

Do you think i should do it. It will be called DollHouseI

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