Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


24. I Love You

Sorry for spelling mistakes!!

Luna's P.O.V

        "W-what?" I stutter out staring at him in shock. He grasped my hands tighter and leaned closer to me, " Luna i just i-i-i love you. I know this seems to soon since we just started over, but my feelings for you have never changed. I spent every day of my life thinking about how much you mean to me. Today i realized that if you would have died and didn't know how i felt about you i would regret not telling you sooner for the rest of my life."

I stare into the green eyes that held so much sincerity in them. Wow, this man actually loves me. He has changed a lot, 3 years ago this was not him. In our previous relationship i was the first one to say I love you. " Harry, im a little speechless" i say breathy, " i-i don't want you to think that i don't care about you or anything, but i just need time. I still want to be with you" i quickly add, " but it might take me a little longer to so those words back to you. I'm scared because i don't want to fall and hit the ground again."

He nodded his head, " I understand, but i just want you to know that I do truly love you, and when ever you're ready to fall I'll be there to catch you" he leans down and kisses me softly. The kiss was innocent, no tongue or lip biting just our lips moving together. Soon we were irrupted by a knock on the door. He pulled back and the door open to reveal the doctor walking in.

" Hello Luna, how are you feeling?" the middle aged man asked, " I'm okay, but ribs kind of hurt though" i say back with a small smile. " Well thats because you broke two ribs on each side, your lungs almost got puncture so the surgery took a little longer; but you're going to be okay. You get to go home tomorrow, but we want you to take it very easy. Try not to get up or anything for about 4-8 days depending on how bad your ribs still hurt okay?" he sent me a smile before looking over to Harry.

" We will need you to come speak to the police as a witness of what happen, and then we can get a testify from Luna later on after she has rested" Harry nods his head then looks at me. " I'll be back in a few minutes, please don't try to get up, i know how hard headed you are" i playfully roll my eyes while giggling. He leans down an kisses my lips quickly. He follows the doctor out the door.

Once the door closes it was just me and my thoughts. I'm still shocked that Harry actually admitted that he loves me. I know i love him with all my heart, but actually saying those words makes me scared. The first time i said those words i knew for sure that he was going to be the one i spend my life with. After everything happened i wasn't too sure what love was anymore. 

I knew with love comes obstacles. Sometimes i even blamed myself for falling in love i with him. I told myself that i should have just listened to my friends when they told me to stay away from him, but i convinced myself he was different. Now i realize that he isn't who he is 3 years ago, he is so much more mature. But still, i am scared to tell him how i feel because last time i thought he had caught me, but really it was just a figment of my imagination.

I pray that when I am ready to tell him, that his arms will be wide open.........

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