Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


6. Hugs

Luna's P.O.V

    " Wake up sweets" i groan an roll over only to have blinding lights peaking through my curtain mess up my morning vision. " Come on, you have work" i hear foot steps walk out my room then the closing of my door, " You better be up or I'm getting the bucket!" i quickly sat up in bed, i really don't feel like having a bucket of ice water thrown on me again. With another groan my feet collide with the floor an i pad my way over to my closet. At around 10:30pm yesterday, everyone left an i had took a well needed shower.

After putting on a black sweater, bleach washed jeans, and slipping on my black converse i moved on to my hair. Since i was only going to work i threw it up in a pony tail then quickly applied a coat of mascara once i glanced at the time. " Bye olive" i yell while running out the apartment. I heard her faint reply while i was running towards the stairs, i would take the elevator but it would take too long and I'm going to be late if i don't get going right away. Once i reached outside i started my walk towards my job. I have a car but why waste gas when the walk is only 10 minutes? It was slightly windy outside, which caused my pony tail to blow in all directions.

The nice cool wind felt amazing against my heated skin so i didn't mind. I checked my phone, " great" i let out a huff, it was 9:30am already, thats the time im suppose to punch in for work. Good thing my boss doesn't come round till about 10:00. I reached the busy street and i saw the small cafe i worked at vacant like always. " Ding ding" i said while walking through the glass doors, " Luna! I've missed you" Casey ran up to me giving me a bone crushing hug. " You just saw me 2 days ago" i giggle walking towards the back with a hyper Casey following behind me. Casey just turned 18 but she acts like a older sister to me, always wanting to know where i am, who I'm texting, all that parent stuff.

" What ever" she huffs punching in my number before i can, " you know, its weird that you know my clock in number" she flashes me her very bright smile then dramatically flips her long dirty blonde hair over he shoulders, " a ' thank you ' would have been nice." she rolls her brown eyes at me. She pushed her sliding glasses up her face then huffed, " i really need contacts" she mumbles while handing me my name tag. " Where is everyone?" I question once we reached the front and i noticed the lack of workers who are usually here. " Well Brit is sick-" " thank god" i cut her off causing a giggle to escape both our mouths. Brit was a red head who was as dumb as a box of bricks. All she does in flirt with customers, and throw her fake boobs around every chance she gets.

" Any way, Chad is out of town, Hakim is going on tour with his band again" i squeal a little. Hakim is a good friend of mine also, he is 20 years old and in a band. His band has been touring around small areas once in a while, so i get glad when i find put he is touring because he really is a good singer. " Thats all i really know" Casey shrugs then goes over to clean a table. The door bell above the door rings causing a immediate smile to take my face as i manage the cash register. My eyes widen a little when Harry walks through the door, " Good morning, what can i get for you today" i ask in my sweet voice. " Yes, can i please get a coffee and chocolate chip muffin" I nod my head an take the 5 dollar bill from his hand.

Even the small amount of skin contact was enough to make my nerves go crazy. I tried to hide the noticeable goosebumps when i handed him back his change. Once i fixed his stuff i handed it to him, " here you go, 2 sugars 3 creams " he smirks wide just staring at me. I mentally slap my self over an over again. Now he knows i probably still think about him, he didn't even tell me how he liked his coffee, i just remembered off the top of my head. " Thanks moon" he says then takes a seat by the window. Oh sweet baby Jesus he called me that nick name that he always use to say. My mouth drops when i see a smirking James walk through the door. " Hello babe" he says while winking at me, " what can i get you" i ask rolling my eyes an trying to be nice. Out the corner of my eyes i see Harry looking at us.

" How about another date" i huff placing my hand on my hip, " oh my gosh can you please just leave me alone. We went on a date MONTHS ago. You call an text my phone EVERYDAY! You freaking stalked my moms house basically forcing me to move, just please leave" i say cutting myself off before going any further with my rant. Not to my surprise he didn't move, " listen I know you want to go back on a date with me, so give me your address and I'll pick you up tonight" he smiled evilly at me. " No, for goodness sake!" before i knew what was happening my arm was harshly grabbed by James, " tell me where you live" the grip on my arm was so tight i think my blood circulation was getting cut off. " What the hell are you doing" James was on the floor while a fuming Harry stood over him with clenched fist. I was rubbing my red arm that was already starting to bruise, " touch her again and i won't hesitant to beat the fuck out of you, got it" all James did was stare at Harry long an hard before walking out the door, but of course he had to say something, " see you soon Luna " he waved creepily then was out the door.

" Are you okay?" Harry asked slowly grabbing my very sore arm. " Hey, i saw what happen, go home I'll tell Anne ( the boss) you threw up today" i gave Casey a kiss on the cheek then walked around the counter. I placed my name tag on the desk then walked towards the door. " Thank you" i say once I noticed Harry followed me outside. " Who is that guy?" I let out a huff " a guy i wish I'd never met" i say shaking my head. When i went to move my left up i let out a painful sob while grabbing the part he squeezed. " Maybe you should get that checked out" Harry said lightly touched the bruised area but i still whimpered. " Yeah," after a long silence i did something I thought I'd never do again. My good arm wrapped around Harry's neck once i got on my ballerina tip toes and i gave him a hug. " Thank you for getting him away from me. I don't know what he would have done to me if you werent there" once i pulled back Harry smiles at me, " no problem" i smile a shy smile then turn around to walk home.

This is so weird, did I just hug Harry? Like my ex-boyfriend Harry?

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