Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


21. Hes in the house

Harry's P.O.V

        " Go get em tiger" i laughed as Liam walked out our shared house. He was tired of paying a lot of money to live on campus so i told him that he can move in with me, i have tons of space. Sometimes the boys even crash here after parties. I sat back on the couch and just started to think about the past years of my life. 

I was such a asshole in high school. Not caring about anyone, hurting girls feelings, partying my life away. If it was a major party you better have believed i would be there. The girls around my school would try and make bets about who can get me to sleep with them; i didn't care though because that meant i wouldn't have to try hard.

Everything changed once Luna came to the school. I remember my first time ever seeing her. She was the first girl that truly took my breath away. Small and timid she was at first, making it hard to find her in the hallways because she loved to blend in. But even in the crowded hallways my eyes couldn't miss her beauty.

We both played secret admirer. She would steal glances at me and smile if she was caught, while i would stare at her until she looked and shoot her a wink. I smile as i remember all the times i made her cheeks turn red. When she broke up with me i thought my life was over. It felt as if part of me was missing when she wasn't around.

For months i watched her to make sure she was at least okay. That night i saw her drunk my heart broke into pieces. She was such good girl, not liking to curse as she felt it was not good for the soul. I couldn't watch her drink herself to death in that night so i picked her up and bought her home.

When i met Olivia she always talked about Luna to us. I knew it was my Luna when she started to describe her, no one could ever be like her. I tagged along to her house with the lads because i knew i had to see her, i missed her so much. Once i saw her i felt like crying, it was so long but if it was possible she got even more beautiful. 

I knew if she saw me at the door she wouldn't even have let me in. I was broken when she did see me and ran into her room. Luna made my heart swell when she finally gave me a chance. It hurt when she fount out about Amber, i thought that my chance to win her heart again was over. But being the person she is she gave me another one ( dj kahled voice lmaoo )

I now made a promise to myself that i would not break her heart again. I knew if i wanted her back then i had to change for the better. No longer do i go to college frat parties, i toned down on the drinking, I'm trying to stop smoking so much, and this is all for her. I would do anything for her, name it and I'll do it just to see her smile.

The ringing of my phone broke my train of thought. I smiled when i saw Moon appear on my screen. I promised her that was my nickname for only her because she was special to me. " Hey baby" i said but my smile was soon replaced with a worried expression as her sounds came through. " Harry..." she breathed out, " James.... hes outside my apartment.....he has a knife" she sobbed louder. 

I quickly sprinted to my room and pulled on my running shoes and a shirt. " Okay i need you to hide for me can you do that baby?" i was trying to calm her down while staying calm myself. " I'm hiding" he soft voice was cracking causing my nerves to kick in even more. " Okay, now i need you to breath slowly in and out." Her deep breaths where heard over the phone.

I was speeding to her place, not having time to stop at red lights and stop signs. " Just stay quiet, I'm right here evr-" i was caught off by a loud banging sound. The silence was causing me to shake in fear for her, and anger. " Harry........." she whispers, " hes in the house"

A/N I know it wasn't much but I'm just trying to get everything back on track.


Do you guys want me to do a flashback chapter. This chapter will include how they first met, starting dating, good moments, bad moments, first I Love You's, and all that good stuff. It really would just be a flashback on their life before everything happen. So let me know in the comments!

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