Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


23. Glad

Update dedicated to <HazStyles> Thank you for always giving me feedback!! 

Harry's P.O.V

   " YOU HAVE TO LET ME GO WITH HER!" 3 doctors held me back as they wheeled Luna's unresponsive body down the hall. Tears where streaming down my eyes as i watched her, she look lifeless. I prayed that nothing was too bad, god if i lose her i don't know what I'll do.

" Harry?" i look up to see a frantic Olivia rushing towards me. I shake my head as more tears fall. " How is she?" Olivia sits right next to me, " i-i-i dont know, she passed out in the ambulance and hasn't woken back up" my thoughts where all jumbled up as i tried to calm myself down.

" I can't lose her" my voice cracking as i looked up to Olivia. " Oh Harry" she mumbles before pulling me into a hug, " I mean if you were there to see how quickly her faced paled and body went still, i-i thought i lost her; i still think i do" i shake my head in her shoulder. " Harry, Luna is a strong girl. Shes been through so much stuff, i know she can get through this we just have to be there with her." 

After i calmed down i slouched in the uncomfortable chairs and waited. I went over all the possibilities to what the doctor could come out here and say. " Mr. Harry Styles" quickly i stood up, followed by Olivia. The doctor had a neutral expression on his voice, so i couldn't really tell if the news was bad.

" Well, Luna did suffer some bad injuries" i sucked in breath but nodded for him to go on, " She has two broken ribs on each side, the broken ribs on the left side where about 2 inches from puncturing her lung but luckily we were able to move it back into place. Her nose is fractured and the cut on her cheek needed 5 stitches. Other than this she is okay."

We took in what the doctor was saying, " so can we go see her" my voice came out very raspy due to my earlier crying. " Yes, she is awake now, but please be careful with touching her as she is in a fragile state right now" he walked us to a room down the hall. My eyes watered a little as i see her frame laying in the bed.

Her nose had a bandage over it and so did her cheek. The thick wrapping around her ribs was noticeable through the thin tank-top she wore. The door creaked open causing Luna's head to shoot up, " Harry" her voice was a little ruff and she sounded tired. " Hey baby" i rush over to her and squeeze her hand. " I'm so glad you're okay" i whisper while running my free hand over her face where the cut didn't reside.

Luna's P.O.V

      " I'm glad I'm okay too" i look over towards the door when i hear a cough. " Olivia, i missed you" she walks over to me and give me a small hug being careful of my ribs. " I missed you too, I'm so sorry i wasn't there for you" her voice cracks. " No Olive its okay, no one knew this was going to happen. I'm just glad you're here with me now" i smiled and she sent me a sad one back.

" Listen both of you, i don't want neither one of you blaming your self. Everything happens for a reason, this was just a bump in the road. James is in jail now so everything will hopefully be fine" my words were said out of pure truth. " But maybe if i was there a little earlier i co-" i cut Harry off, " no Harry you came just on time. If you weren't there when you were he probably would have did way more damage then this" i gestured to my body.

" Lets just try to get past this" i smile once they nod their heads. "Well I'm going to go home and just clean up everything. Bye beautiful" Olivia kisses my cheek before walking out the room. I look towards Harry who still is rubbing his thumb over my cheek. " I'm sorry" he whispers out, " it wasn't your fault" i say back while grabbing both his hands.

My breath stops. It feels as if i was in lack of oxygen. I stared up at the greened eyed man in shock at what he had just done. 

" I love you Luna"

A/N Sooo what did you think!!?? Hope it wasn't bad!!! 

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