Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


27. Forgiveness

Luna's P.O.V

      " How could he say that" i weep into Olivia's shoulders as i tell her about the fight Harry and I had. I miss him so much right now, even though he was the one that made me upset i wanted him to be here comforting me right now. " You know he didn't mean that, he's just hurt because he doesn't think you love him" i lean up, wiping my eyes.

" But, i told him that i need time! Why can't he just understand that" i shake my head while looking at my lap. " How about you go lay down okay, and go call him. I know you want him here right now" she sends me a smile and i send a small one back. With a huff and a grimace I stand up an make my way towards my room.

I sit on the edge of my bed, tossing my phone in my hand. Finally i clicked his contact with shaky fingers. After 2 rings he picks up, " Moon?" his voice was very raspy causing me to believe he was crying to. " Hey" i whisper out, " are you okay?" i felt the need to ask him that for some reason. " I should be asking you that" he breaths out, " I'm fine Harry, really i am" i bite my lip out of nervousness. 

" Listen Luna, I really am sorry about what i said. I know you said you needed time and i should have respect that. Please forgive me, I'll do anything to make you forgive me I'm so so sorry" his voice cracks causing small tears to form in my eyes. " Oh Harry i forgive you. I'm sorry that i made you feel like i don't care about you. Please forgive me for causing you to feel like that" i breath out with small tears rolling down my face.

" Moon you have nothing to be upset about. Can i please just come see you? I know you said you needed space but i just can't stop worrying about you" i was silent for a few seconds. " Okay Harry you can come over" after that he says he'll be here in a few minutes. 

***********10 Minutes later**********

                  I was laying on my bed just scrolling through my phone, but my door creaks open causing me to look towards my door. " Hey" i whisper while sitting up. Harry walks into the room after closing the door. I let out a surprise gasp as he swoops me up from the bed.

My arms wrap around his neck and my legs around his waist. " I'm sorry love" he breaths into my neck while planting light kisses. " Its okay babe" i pull back so i could plant a kiss on his cheek. His hands slip to my thighs, still holding me tight. " I love you so much, you mean everything to me and i can't lose you again. If you ever try to leave again I will trap you in a room" i let out a chuckle causing him to smile his big dimple smile.

" I wasn't even thinking about leaving you" I connect our lips for a split second before pulling back and sending him a smile. " Can we lay down for a few? I'm a little tired" i mumble. We both snuggle up on my bed while turning on a movie. 


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