Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


16. For Real

Luna's P.O.V

   2 days. 2 miserable days I've done nothing but hide in my room. Thoughts swarm around my head like a tornado, never ending and picking up more as they continue to circle. For 2 days I've done nothing but lay in bed with wide eyes day and night. At first i was scared about James coming back, but now my thoughts have led me to Harry. After closing the door on him i felt super bad, thinking about it now i should have tried to hear him out more but its like my whole head was clouded with fury once he mentioned being in a sexual relationship with her.

It made me feel sick. I've only had sex twice out of my whole life, and both was when Harry and I were together 3 years ago. Knowing that someone i cared so deeply about hurt me was so upsetting, i wanted to get revenge on him at first but then i thought about it. No matter how hard i wanted to get revenge on him by sleeping with someone else i knew i couldn't, thats when the drinking started. I had to escape my thoughts. 

Right now the feeling running through me was telling me to go get some liquor and drown myself until i can't remember anything. I thought i had broken this want of craving liquor when my thoughts confuse me, but its almost as if I'm reliving what happen 3 years ago. I was snapped out of my trance by a knock at my front door. Olivia has been out for a few hours causing me to grow scared. I also couldn't answer the door looking like this. Quickly i threw on some grey spandex shorts, a white shirt, and threw my hair up into a ponytail. 

The pounding on my door got harder, i prayed it wasn't James standing behind that door, for i will break down and cry out of anger and fright. " Luna i know you're in there. Olivia called and said you haven't left your room in 2 days" my breath tangles in my throat, it was as if i forgotten how to breath. The husky voice was deeper and raspy then usually causing me to believe he had just woke up not to long ago, as it was only 7:30 in the morning. " Harry" i whisper but loud enough so he could hear me through the door. " Yes Moon its me, please let me i need to make sure you're okay" my heart started to pound against my chest as he says that simple line.

Slowly i open the door, but Harry pushes it open walking right in. Once the door closes his hands cup my face, his eyes roam every inch of my face before falling onto my eyes. " You haven't slept" he rubs the light bags under my eyes with his thumbs, " you haven't either" i whisper back noticing light bags under his eyes too. " How can i sleep knowing the one girl i care about and am trying to win back is upset with me because of something i did" he was staring so deeply into my eyes it was like i was in a trance. " Look, I'm sorry, i know we aren't really anything. I guess i got jealous when i found out you've been having sex with another female because i..." i cut myself off.

It was almost embarrassing to tell him I haven't slept with anybody else other than him. " What baby" his hands slide down my face as he stepped closer while grabbing my hands. My head shot towards the ground, " you're the only person I've slept with" i mumble but i knew he heard me when he let out a small gasp. His hand lifts my head from the bottom of my chin and i take in his shocked expression. " Are you serious?" confused with shock lingered in his eyes, " yes, i promise. For so long i wanted to get back at you for cheating on me, but i couldn't find it in myself to do it. I'm not the type of person to just meet someone and have sex." I shake my head at myself. " I'm sorry, if i could take everything back i really would. I promise i didn't have sex with Amber the day i left in the morning. She called me and told me she was at my house and i thought it would be best to tell her in person that things between us was over."

My jaw slightly drops, " I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions" i shake my head getting mad at myself for not letting him speak out and just started assuming things. " You had every right to be mad at me" before i could protest about being wrong his warm lips molded perfectly into mine. The taste of mint lingered into my mouth as i softly kissed back. Our lips moved at a slow pace, savoring each second our lips moved together. His hand cupped the back of my neck as he added a little more force to our kiss. His tongue gently guided its way along my bottom lip. My lips parted and his tongue slipped into my mouth, both our tongues softly danced with each others. I slowly pulled back as the air in my lungs started to thin out. " Can we please start over, for real this time" he whispered while leaning his forehead against mine. " Yes, for real this time" i smiled up to him.

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