Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


7. Feelings

Luna's P.O.V

    " That asshole!" Olivia yells, her face turning red with anger. Not to long ago she just got back from classes, and of course she notice my lack of movement with my injured arm and how darkly bruised it has gotten over the pass few hours. " I know, but Harry actually got him away from me" i look down at my lap with a small shy smile but quickly wipe it away, i can not like him again, not after the thing he did to me. " Harry! As in your ex-boyfriend Harry?" her newly down eyebrows raised in shock once i nodded my head.

" Awww, do you think he maybe still cares about you?" That question actually caused me to think. Does he still care about me? No one would just protect someone like how he did to me, if they didn't care. " I honestly can't answer that question" i say looking up at her with a blank face, " do you care about him" i huff knowing what she is trying to do. Every since she found my poems about Harry a few months ago, she non-stops ask me if I still care about him, even love him. Of course my answer was no, but that was because i was forcing myself to get him out my head because i thought i would never see him again; but now that he is kind of back in my life my answer is all over the place.

After these eventful, almost 4 years, there is something still about him that makes butterflies swarm in my stomach, but also makes my heart ache with memories. " I don't know either, there is something about him that still makes butterflies appear. But I'm scared" i whisper the last part almost on the verge of tears for some reason. " Listen, I know what he did to you was wrong but every since he saw you yesterday, today the only person he could talk about was you. After classes we all met, and he pulled me aside and let me read one of his stories he wrote about you. It was beautiful, now I'm not saying go crawl back to him, i just think maybe after all these years you should finally let him explain what happen." Olivia was staring into my eyes deeply with hope.

" I-i think your right. After all these years i think i deserve a answer. I know i could have gotten one long before but i was just too hurt to even look, be near, or even think of him. Its scaring me, I'm scared to actually fall back in love with him, or even like him again. But i can deny that I am feeling something about him right now" a shy smile takes my face she awws at me. " Call him" my eyes widen, " what" i ask in disbelief, " you need a explanation, so you have to call him to meet up and let him explain" i huff knowing she is right. " Fine, but if he doesn't answer the first time, thats it" " oh trust me, once he sees your name pop up on his screen he'll answer" i roll my eyes while my cheeks slightly redden. 1 ring, 2 ring, " Moon?" my breath hitches in my throat but i cough an answer back, " um hey Haz-rry i was wondering if you maybe wanted to meet up to.........talk" i fumble out in embarrassment.

" Talk about" he rambles off waiting for me to finish the sentence, " talk about everything. Its killing me inside to know that your going to be around me, and i honestly still have no idea why you did the thing you did" i finally just stop beating around the bush and come out and say it. " Are you sure" his voice was very low causing me to slightly shiver, " yes, how does 2:30 tomorrow sound" i ask waiting for a reply, " great, I'll meet you at the Joe's Pizza " " okay, later Harry" i whisper out due to shock, " later Moon" he says back then i pull back to end the call. " I guess this is really happening" i say shaking my head. " I'm nervous and it isn't even tomorrow yet. I already feel like throwing up" Olivia laughs then shakes her head, " just not on the couch please" she laughs again the walks into her room.

Am i really going to finally talk to Harry about everything? Do i still have feelings for him? My head swarms with thoughts, " i need a nap" i mumble to myself lay down on the couch, careful to not lay on my injured arm.

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