Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


26. Drifting

Luna's P.O.V

       " Stop" I whine as Harry carefully picks me up. I've been staying at his place for about week now and my ribs were actually better. It still hurt to bend over but other than that i was okay. Harry on the other hand thought i was still a fragile girl who wobbled when she walk, so every time i try to walk he swoops me up then scolds me.

" No, you shouldn't even be walking, the doctor said t-" i cut him, " look Harry i know what he said, but I'm a big girl and I'm stronger than i look. I'm perfectly capable of walking myself from the living room to the kitchen, so please put me down." He looked at me for about 30 more seconds before he slowly set me down on the cold tile floor.

I sent him a smile before turning around and propping myself on a stool in front of a nice steaming mug of hot chocolate. Autumn was rolling in and it was starting to get a little bit on the chilly side. Harry was staring at me as i sipped my drink, making me feel a little awkward. Finally after about 2 minutes of his staring I set the drink down with a huff, " what is it Harry? " He looked at with a hard stare before shaking his head, " its nothing, its stupid."

" Its not if you can't stop thinking about it, please tell me" i say softly now giving him my full attention. " Its been almost a week and you still haven't been saying you love me back" i was actually a little stunned that he said that. " Harry, you said you will give me time, you know why I'm like this with you" his hand turned to fist, " Okay but that was 3 fucking years ago Luna! Can't you see that I've been taking care of you for a whole damn week! I've been giving you my full attention but nothing is enough is it!"

This was not what i was expecting. For some reason i was starting to grow angry. " Do you not remember what you did to me! You ruined me for god sake's! 3 fucking years of my life were spent trying to get over you and now you come back into my life just expecting me to just be okay with this. Everyday i have to repeat to myself that you are a changed person but i still have that feeling that you are going to cheat on me.

I'm scared Harry! What about that don't you understand. You only think about your own feelings and never mine! But you know what fine I love you! Are you happy now that i said it back!?" i was fuming. I knew my face was red. Harry's eyes turned dark and his face grew red, " Exactly! I am a changed person thats what I'm trying to get through your thick skull! I love you and you probably don't even love me back. That whole thing with James was probably a little stunt to scare me away from you huh!?" My mouth dropped as tears welled in my eyes.

I saw his eyes soften " L-Luna-" " Fuck you Harry! How could you even say that. I let you back into my heart, into my life! And you think i was just trying to get back at you. Since you think that so much how about we just be done! Now you don't have to worry about me loving you anymore.........i hope you're happy" my voice cracks at the end before i run away up the stairs. My ribs were killing me, but i had to leave. I couldn't stay here no more.

I grabbed the bag that was packed with my clothes and all my other things. Harry barged into the room, " Luna please don't go, I love you and you know i didn't mean that" he grabbed my wrist but i tugged it away. " Please Harry, just leave me alone right now. How could you say that?" I looked up at him with tears falling down my face. His soft eyes were staring at me with so much pain and sorry. " I'm so sorry, its just doubts have been running through my mind every since we were in the hospital. When i said it to you and you didn't say it back i thought the worse."

He paused as he reached out to caress my face, wiping my tears in the process. " I never meant to hurt you, when i get upset i say things i don't mean" flashbacks of his anger issues problems back in high school flood my mind. " You still have anger issues? Do you take your medicine" he closes his eyes with a sigh, " no, thats why i just busted out today." I let out a soft sigh, " listen Harry i understand but after this i just need a few days to myself. I'll call Olivia to come pick me up" I take his hand off my face but he intertwines our fingers.

" Let me take you home" he begged with pleading eyes, " Harry," i sigh, " I just need some time, I'll call Olivia." A look of defeat crossed his face, " can i at least get one more kiss" i lightly nodded my head and our lips collided softly. His soft lips that tasted of mint danced against mine. He cradled my face and angled his head to deepen the kiss. His tongue softly swiped over my bottom lip, my lips parted and his tongue slowly invaded my mouth. It was as of he was trying to get a remembrance of my mouth because his touched every place in my mouth before he softly battled mine. I pulled back from lack of breath. He kissed my forehead before walking out the room. This is one of my biggest fears.........

Harry's P.O.V

............us drifting apart again......... 

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