Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


22. Broken Moon

Luna's P.O.V

      "Harry...." i whisper out, " hes in the house" my breath starts to quicken again and my hands start to shake. " B-baby please just calm down, you're hiding right? Just stay quiet I'll be there in like 2 minutes" I shake my head. I'm hiding in the small closet in my bathroom. "Shh" i whispers as I hear James footsteps come to a stop.

" Oh Luna, my dear where are you. I just want to play a game" his menacing voice rang out. I knew he was standing in the hallway and that scared me to death. I heard the slamming of a car door from Harry's side of the phone. The silence in the house made that noise seem louder than what it was.

" Oh my god" quickly i hung up the phone, " Oh Luna you think i didn't hear that? Now come out from your little hiding spot, because if i find you it won't be pretty" my forehead was dripping sweat as the heat from this small space was kicking in and my nerves where sky rocketing. A few seconds pass until i hear a loud sigh, " well i guess I'll have to find you myself then" all i could think about was where Harry was?

I heard his footsteps walk into my room. Loud crashes where heard and i jumped, my head hitting a the shelf above me. " Oh where oh where can my sweet Luna be?" his loud boots where heard coming towards the bathroom. My breathing stopped as soon as the creaky door open. Silence. No movement could be heard, no breathing, just utter complete silence. 

The shadow of his feet being seen from beneath the door. I prayed he would believe i was not in here and just walk out. Before i could even blink a loud scream escaped my throat as the door was harshly swung open. " Peek-a-boo i see you" his voiced laced with venom. Happening so fast, he grabbed my hair harshly and pulled me out the closet.

My body landed on the hard tile floor with a loud bang. My ribs immediately started hurting from the impact to the ground. " My dear this wouldn't have been bad if you just came out" i gasped as his boot collided with the side of my stomach. I was gasping for air, and trying to just get away. I tried to start crawling away to which James started to chuckle to, " you think I'm just going to let you go" he followed me as i crawled to the living room.

He slammed his foot on my back causing me to fall flat on my face. I felt the blood start to run down my nose, "why couldn't you have just gave me a chance huh!" his voice suddenly rose and i knew that if i didn't get out of here something bad was going to happen. " We could have had a perfect life! I could have given you anything you wanted! You blew me off you bitch!" i cried out in pain as he kicked his foot back into my side. I was moaning in pain, but still trying to get away.

Slowly he bent down to my ear. " Well, if i can't have you.......then no one will" his hot breath reeked of alcohol and i knew at this moment my life might be ending. Before he could do anything i heard the slam of the front door. " Back away from her right now" i heard the voice I've been waiting for.

Harry's P.O.V

    Once i made it up all 18 flights of stairs i ran to her room door. It was already cracked open so i quickly slammed it. When i walked in i immediately saw James standing over Luna. As i saw the condition she was in the anger in me escalated, " back away from her right now" i basically growled as i walked closer to him." Oh look what we have here" he smiled, " your just in time to wish your little girlfriend goodbye" he pulled out a knife causing me to gulp.

If he thought he was going to kill Luna, he thought wrong. " Step closer to her with that knife and i will end you" i walked towards him but all he did was smile that crazy smile as if he was the joker. " You must be Harry, god i can't believe you think I'm going to just let her go. I LOVE HER! More than you ever will" the crazy titch in his eyes was starting to grow. His eyes opened so wide, it was as if he was possessed. " She was suppose to be mine, she is mine. But I'm not hers, so in this case if i cant be hers then she deserves no one"  just as he raised the knife i tackled him to the ground.

The knife slide a few feet away from us. All i saw was red as my fist slammed down on his face. He managed to land a few back on me, but the amount of anger i had was released on his face. My fist kept pounding down on him, his blood coming out from his nose, mouth, and a cut near his eyes. I would have killed him if it wasn't for Luna's cry for help. I looked up from the unconscious boy to my broken Moon.

" Moon" i whispered as i ran over to her. She was laid out her back, hands clutching her mid section. Blood was still slowly running from her nose, a cut running along the side of her chin to her cheek. " Harry" she croaked out, " call.......call......"  she tried to get out words but she couldn't with the amount of pain she was in. " You're going to be fine, stay still I'll call someone" i grabbed my phone and dialed 9-1-1. My hands grasped her small one. 

My poor broken Moon................

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