Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


1. 3 years ago

Luna's P.O.V

         3 years ago

            " Okay, I love you so much" i whisper through the phone to my boy friend Harry. We've been dating for almost a year and honestly i don't think I've been happier. Something about him just makes my heart beat 10 times as hard. Just hearing his name causes butterflies to swarm in my stomach. Harry was my first everything, first kiss, boy friend, he even took my virginity in the most romantic way possible.

He took me to his parents beach house in California ( we live in New York ) during fall. We had so much fun laughing and joking on the beach. We sat on the soft sand an just watched the sun set. Once we got inside Harry told me he had a surprise for me, the room we were staying in was filled with roses, candles lit up the room. It was one of the best times of my life. It showed me how much he really cared about me. " I love you baby girl, get some sleep I'll call you tomorrow" even though he wasn't here with me my cheeks heat up quickly, " later Haz" " later Moon" I giggle once the phone call ends.

He has always called me Moon since that is what my name means. He says it because no one else calls me that, so that name is only for him to use. I close my eyes an soon drift away into dream land.

**************************Next Day*********************************

" What the fuck" i say as i once again get ignored by Harry. I've been trying to call him but all the calls go to voicemail, my text said they've been seen but he is not responding. " I'm going over there" call me a crazy girl friend, but I'm going over to his house. I throw on a teal blue sweater, grey leggings, and i slip on my white converse. I pull out the chain Harry gave me, it was a key, he had the lock because he said i held the key that unlocked who he truly is. Throwing my brown hair up in a messy ponytail i quickly run down the stairs. 

My grey eyes spot my car keys in the bowl by the door and i was out the door into my car. During the drive my fingers have been non-stop tapping the steering wheel. I know he wouldn't cheat on me or anything but a very bad feeling is running through my body. I trust him, so why would he hurt me by doing something so low. Yes he is known around school as the ' bad boy ' but around me he is different; he is not a player, man whore, or any of those horrible things people call him.

I pull up to his one story house, his parents have been out of town for a few months so it makes my nervousness even worse. My hand raises to knock on the door, after a few minutes of knocking and waiting there was no answer. I grow confused because his car and motorcycle is right in the drive way. " Oh well" i say then push open the door, " Harry!" i yell but there was no answer. Then i heard something, was that a moan? I quickly run towards his bedroom door, creaking it open i brace myself for the worst situation possible. " How cou-" my voice was cut off by loud sobs falling out my mouth.

Harry looks up with a shocked face, the red head quickly covered herself up. " B-b-baby please" Harry quickly stood up but i closed the door and walked away. I wasn't going to run away, i should have known this was going to happen. Just as i was about to open the front door i hear his voice, " Luna, please let me explain" i turn around and let my hand meet his cheek hard. He looked at me shocked but i didn't care, " I thought you were different. Even after all those awful things people said about you I still gave you a chance because i thought you weren't like that" i rip off the chain he gave me and i watched as his face soften when i threw it at his feet. " Never, and i mean never contact me again, we are over"

" No, no no  no no" he repeated as i walked away. He tried to grab my hand to keep me from moving but i yanked it back, " i hope your happy" i whisper as a stray tear rolls down my face. " Baby please" i heard his voice crack which broke me in the inside but i just quickly ran to my car and drove off. Out my rear view mirror i see Harry run out and fall onto his knees. " I'm okay" i repeated over to myself. But i knew deep down i wasn't. The one person i thought actually cared for me, loved me, needed me, now has crushed me. He lost me, I lost him, we both are lost.

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