Lost (H.S)

We once lost each other, but here we are again.


3. 1 year ago

Luna's P.O.V

           1 year ago

 " See you in 30 minutes" i kiss my mothers cheek then walk into the tall building. " Luna, its nice to see you as always,please wait Dr. Marge is finishing up a session" i smile to James, a nice guy behind the front desk. " Nice to see you as always, and thats fine I'll wait" i walk over the soft brown leather chair and plop down on it. The coolness touches my thighs causing me to shiver. Today was yet another day of therapy sessions, so as usual i dressed fancy, white sleeveless crop top,  maroon skater skirt, light jean jacket, and i had on my brown boots.

My hair was pushed to the left side of my head and i applied one coat of mascara to my eyes. For the last year of my life I've been dressing up in beautiful clothes, as Dr. Marge said it would make me feel more confident. I don't always dress up like this though, I only dress this fancy or pretty when I come here or I'm really going some where that requires me to dress fancy. " Luna, Marge will see you now" James sends me his award winning smile. He was a nice looking guy, light brown shaggy hair, brown eyes, an a beautiful smile. Small indents where present on his cheek each time he laughed or smile, it was so adorable.

My cheeks heat as he sends me a sneaky wink. " Luna! How have you've been" i sit down in front of Dr. Marge giving her a smile. Dr. Marge was a very nice women, her chocolate skin was clear of any make up but she still looked amazing. She was young, only 25, so its good for me because i feel like she can relate to me on a better level than some old lady. " Good good, things with my mom sometimes get out of hand but right after we say sorry and carry on like normal. I still don't party anymore, also i no longer cuss, that vulgar language was just not me" i shake my head while leaning back and laughing. " Good darling good, do you still have the journal" i nod my head answering her question.

That journal is my life, it has literally every thought i could think of on there. If something were to happen to that journal i don't know what I'll do. It holds on my deepest secrets, thoughts, feelings, everything I'm afraid I'll be judged for. " Okay well lets go do a fun little exercise i came up with" Dr. Marge smiles at me then leads me to a mirror. " When you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see" i took a deep breath then really looked at myself, " i see a strong girl breaking free. No, i see a strong woman breaking free. I see a woman who doesn't go to sleep at night with tear stains on her cheek, i see a woman who doesn't smoke, curse, and party everyday. I see a happy woman." i whisper while a small tear rolls down my cheek, not out of sadness, but happiness. I finally broke free.

" That was amazing" Marge whispers then hugs me. " Can I maybe leave a little early today" she nods an sends me on my way, " see you next week" i say then close her door. " How was everything" James ask while sending me a smile, " it was honestly one of the best sessions we've had together." My cheeks were already heating because his eyes were staring so deeply into mine, " well I was wondering maybe tomorrow if your not busy would you like to go on a date with me" my cheeks turn as red as a tomato but i manage to whisper out a small yes. " Great, I'll text you" i wave my phone then walk out the building with a hug smile on my face.

Nothing can ruin me anymore

 Or so i thought.......................

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