Bad Intentions

"Does it bug you?"

"Does what bug me"

"Does it bug you that I know you better than you know you?"


Peyton Andrews has parents that want her to be perfect. Has siblings that want her to be cool and friends that want her to be fun. But when she meets Asher she falls for him because he wants to her to be herself


35. /3:4/


"Please Priscilla." I begged the blonde haired girl following her out of the hospital.

"I already said no." She says attempting to speed walk her way to her car. I ran moving between her and her car.

"Priscilla this is the only way." I said.

"Why don't you just get character witnesses? Someone who says you'd be a better parent."

"Because you are the only one they care about. I could have Obama say I'm a great parent and they still would want you to say it." I explained. She sighed and shifted her purse on to her other shoulder.

"I'll write a letter or whatever." She said racking her brain for ways not to come.

"You have to be there. You have to say that you surrender both you and Andy's rights as parents."

"I can't do it." She said shaking her head in refusal.

"Why not?" I asked squeezing my eyebrows together.

"Because I'm not in love with Andy. But I do love him. I'm not evil. I'm not going to take everything away from him. He wants this baby. If he loses the baby then he can't hate me."

"Priscilla you are hurting a lot of people to save the emotions of one person?" I asked bewildered that this was even being talked about.

"It doesn't look like that to me. It looks like Andy loves me and I care about that. Regardless of the positions I've put you through." She says.

"I'm quitting." I said walking off.

"Quitting what?" She asks following me.

"I'm not fighting for the baby. I'm surrendering my rights." I shrugged carelessly. I didn't need to add Priscilla to the mix of drama I already had. And I wasn't going to beg her in the parking lot of a hospital.

"What are you saying? You're just giving up? There has to be other ways you can win, people you can call. Tell them he was selling drugs!" She shouts.

"Asher was helping him along with my mother. So next bad idea Priscilla?" I asked.

"There's got to be something. Someone you can call."

"There is someone. You." I said honestly pointing to the girl who had the key but hesitated to open the box.

"I'm sorry. I know you don't owe me anything. But please, please don't let Andy win. I've never needed anything more than this." She said.

"Why don't you think Andy will be a good father?" I asked. She sighed and pushed her hair off of her shoulders.

"He gets to easily distracted. He is a walking distraction. He can't think without getting put onto a different topic. A child needs stability. He needs someone who can think. You can think no matter what's going on. He needs that. The baby needs you." She says. I sighed and continued to walk to my car. Priscilla sighed and started crying.

"Fine. I'll come to family court. I'll be a character witness. I'll surrender my rights." She says wiping tears from her eyes. I sigh and embrace her.

"It'll be okay. This is for the best. This is for everyone." I said cooing her. Her sobs grew louder almost attracting attention from stragglers on the way in and out of the hospital. I didn't know why I was always in this position. The position where I had to make it all better with words and hugs. If only those were the only necessary materials need to fix a broken arm or heal a bullet wound. If only I could say the right things without having them trail off into unimaginable undertones. If only my love could fix the problems in Priscilla's life. If only.


I sat next to Preston on Quinn's bed. His blonde hair was pushed back by water making him like look older than a few months.

"I think it'll be cool to have another baby in the house you know?" She asked braiding her hair.

"You obviously don't understand what cool means." I chuckled swaddling the sleeping baby.

"I mean cool like family wise. I mean we have adults in this house. They can keep us bounded. Like not too reckless." She says grabbing Preston and putting him in his crib.

"I guess. But honestly I just hope everything goes right tomorrow. Graduation is in a week and summer. God summer I need to do so much and if the baby is here before next school year oh god." I rambled lying on her bed.

"Stop stressing yourself out. You need to take this one thing at a time. Stressing over every little detail will only make this bad."

"It's already bad if you haven't noticed."

"I have but I've also learned how to make lemonade with oranges. Life will never give you want you need. Life is a bitch but only because if it was a whore it'd be easy." Quinn said laying beside me.

"When did you get so wise?" I asked looking at her. She chuckled and sighed.

"You've gotta be smart when raising a child. All I can imagine is Preston growing up and being like one of us. What if he's Andy? What if he's Asher. What if he's Christian?" She asks looking at the ceiling.

"Then that's who he is. We can't force him to become something he was never meant to be." I explained. She sighed again rubbing her hand over her hair flattening it out

"I'm happy. I mean I'm not going to be happy forever but I'm happy now. I'm healthy, I'm safe, I'm happy." She nods. I agree biting my lip.

"I wish I didn't lose control. I wish I could fix everything. I mean it'd help if I could somehow make sense of all this shit." I said shaking my head.

"Only you could not see all the gifts God has given us even when he throws them in your face." Quinn chuckles.

"What are you talking about?"

"We have a family. A real family. You're back with Asher. Sunshine isn't crying over Daniel and is dating someone new. Everyone is okay." She points out.

"If everyone was okay I wouldn't be-"

"No. Everyone is okay. You're just too headstrong to realize it. All you can see is what everyone is missing. Step back and look at the sun. Don't worry about what will happen when it sets." Quinn says. I sat up and slid off her bed walking up to my room.

Look at the sun.

Asher was in my room staring at a book I owned.

"Enjoying yourself?" I asked switching my jeans for shorts and my shirt for a tank top.

"I was entertaining myself." Asher say putting the book on a stack of books by my bed. I crawled over him letting his lips brush over mine as I molded myself into Asher's shape.

"Tomorrow's the day." I said.

"It is. And are you prepared?" He asked.

"What if I fuck up?"

"Then you fuck up." He says shrugging it off.

"Asher you can't just shrug that off."

"Yeah, you can. The way I see it is whether they put the baby in your house, Andy's or they put up for adoption the baby will not be you. You aren't doing this for Andy. You're doing the same thing Ethan did. Trying to prevent another fuck up in the world by adding your opinion where it's not needed."

"You think I shouldn't do this?" I asked.

"I think that you need to figure out what you think is best for the baby. Fuck Andy and what you know. Think about what would be best for the baby."

"A child needs his mother. But in this case the mother assigned me to be that mother. She thought that I was what the baby needed." I explained.

"Now, what are you going to do?" He asked.

"I'm going to get custody of that baby." I smiled confidently.

"Good job, babe." Asher says pressing his lips to my own moving his hand down my waist and squeezing.

"I love you." I smiled kissing him one last time before laying down.

"I love you too." He says kissing my forehead softly and sighing.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Uh? Yeah." He said holding me tightly. I dismissed his awkwardness and sighed content.

Everyone was okay.


"Ms. Andrews, do you have a witness or not?" The judge asked again as I tried to stall for Priscilla.

"I think we should just question you. If she comes, she comes." Addison said to me as she looked at the other side.

"Fine," I sighed taking the stand. Addison smiled brightly waiting for me to be sworn in.

"Peyton Elizabeth, have you or anyone you live with prior and currently to this trial ever done drugs not prescribed by a medic or pharmaceutical company?" Addison asked.

"Yes." I said honestly. Addison looked flabbergasted that I had honestly answered. She cleared her throat.

"We're these drugs given to you? Is so by whom?" Addison asked. Andy's lawyer stood up.

"Objection. Irrelevant. Ms. White is using my clients past as a drug dealer against him."

"My question was in no way targeted towards your client, Mr. Olsen." The judge clamped her mallet.

"Overruled. Please continue Ms. White." The judge said.

"Ms. Andrews." Addison said nodding towards me.

"I took them from my stepmother's medicine cabinet. The pills were prescribed to her. Ambien and Zoloft were the pills I took from her." I answered.

"Ms. Andrew is it true that your mother and your boyfriend both were helping the plaintiff to sell drugs?"

"Yes my boyfriend, Asher Greene and my mother, Penelope Andrews both assisted Mr. Richardson. They acquired drugs that Mr. Richardson sold on the streets for money."

"Ms. Andrews would you say that you have been parenting your younger sibling, Stephanie Quinn Andrews since she was first adopted by your parents?"

"I would say so, yes. My mother wasn't mentally capable of raising a child. And neither was my father." I answered honestly.

"That's all I have. I turn my witness over to Mr. Richardson's lawyer. Andy's lawyer walked up to me and smiled.

"So you say that your mother was mentally incapable of raising a child, yet she adopted 3. Do you think you'll know how to raise a child when you came from not one but two broken homes with little to no paternal authority?"

"Many orphans who apply for emancipation and independent living do well without the help of paternal authority."

"But many don't."

"Yes, that's how the world works. Many athletes get into professional sports and many don't. Many people become alumni at their schools many don't." I replied.

"You are right. But that seems like even more a reason to believe that you may not be able to be a parent."

"Objection. Mr. Olsen, may I remind you that code 2583 in the law and courts handbook. Section 5 paragraph 7. 'The falsity of none renewable statistics aren't allowed in a court where both the defendant and the plaintiff have intertwining relationships in which they coexist in the work place, schools, etcetera.' So if you choose to question my client any further I'd like you to retract in requisitions about her ability as a parent due to her upbringing." Addison said clearing her throat. The judge looked at Mr. Olsen waiting.

"Objection is valid. Mr. Olsen next question."

"Ms. Andrews, have you ever had sexual relations with my client?" Mr. Olsen asked.

"Objection. No relevance." Addison shouted.

"I'm going somewhere with this." Mr. Olsen promised.

"Overruled." The judge said.

"Ms. Andrews."

"Yes, I've had sex with Andy." I said staring at Andy.

"Would you say it was friends with benefits or would you say you developed feelings for Andy? Maybe even loved him. Maybe you were jealous of the fact that Andy only saw you as another girl instead of the one he wanted. And you already had this rejection. Heath Williams. You didn't think much of it at first but the constant 'I love you's' seemed more and more prominent. Maybe you're doing this to make Andy love you. Or maybe to remind him that he didn't." Mr. Olsen said. I licked my bottom lip. I sighed and looked up at the judge. Her eyes looked curious as to what my answer would be.

"Did that make you feel good?" I asked. Mr. Olsen rose one eyebrow.

"I mean does it make you happy when you sit here and expose people?" I asked more directed to Andy.

"Ms. Andrews please answer the question." The judge said politely.

"I had sex with Andy. I was in love with Andy. I was mad because he wasn't in love with me. But I got over it." I said honestly.

"Do you still have any sexual feelings towards Mr. Richardson?"

"No. I don't have any feelings towards Andy. Not sexually. Not physically. In fact I couldn't care less about Andrew." I said honestly. Andy's eyes finally met mine as I said his name. I never called Andy 'Andrew'. But he wasn't Andy. Andy wouldn't have done this to me.

"That's all your honor." Mr. Olsen said walking to his table. As I stepped down from the podium Priscilla came crashing in. The whole court was quiet as she edged forward. She stood in front of the judge and sighed.

"Your honor. I would like to surrender my rights along with Andrew Richardson's in the case of my unborn baby. My child in no way would be safe in Andy's care. I'm a hundred percent positive that Peyton Elizabeth is more than capable of handling him." Priscilla said.

"Priscilla, what are you doing?" Andy asked.

"Andy you can't do this. Especially like this. You can't keep pretending like everything is alright. You are going against everything you know to be true." Priscilla said tears falling vigorously from her eyes.

"You both just want to take him away from me. You both are plotting against me. You fucking hate that both of you weren't enough. No one is ever going to be enough." Andy said storming out of the court room. I sighed in relief. I had won.


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