Bad Intentions

"Does it bug you?"

"Does what bug me"

"Does it bug you that I know you better than you know you?"


Peyton Andrews has parents that want her to be perfect. Has siblings that want her to be cool and friends that want her to be fun. But when she meets Asher she falls for him because he wants to her to be herself


25. /2:4/


The next morning after skillfully escaping the building and making it home in time to shower and load my crap into the Greene's car. Along with this skill I hadn't bumped into anyone in my house the entire time.

"I'm so glad you could join us, Peyton Elizabeth. I think I was more excited than Asher." Mrs. Greene said.

"Well, I could imagine that's a lot of excitement for one house."

"Please don't remind me." Mr. Greene groaned grabbing his forehead.

"Oh, you know you're just as excited. You already told Philip." Mrs. Greene smiled.

"I did tell Philip. But only because I won the bet. I bet Phillip twelve years ago that Asher would bring a girl to the family reunion before Aric." Mr. Greene smiled.

"When were you going to tell me I was your money pawn?" Asher asks holding back a smile.

"You get thirty percent." Mr. Greene negotiated.

"Of which I get twenty percent." I added.

"What?" Both men asked in unison.

"Well, as said girl I'm doing more work than either of you."

"This family vacation will be fun." Mrs. Greene smiled.

"Wait, so is that twenty percent of Asher's money or of the entire thing."

"I'll take twenty percent of Asher's thirty and twenty from your seventy. Asher gets ten percent, you get fifty and I get forty." I said. Mr. Greene arched an eyebrow and cleared his throat.

"Ten percent and you can pick the restaurants the entire trip." Mr. Greene negotiated. Mrs. Greene shakes her head in the rearview mirror and mouths take it all.

"Twenty-five percent."

"You went up?" Asher asks. I nodded.

"Twenty percent and my original offer on the restaurants." Mr. Greene said. My eyes flashed to Mrs. Greene and she nodded once quickly.

"Deal." I said confidently.

"Gracie, you'd think you'd want me to get the better deal in this." Mr. Greene said to his wife.

"Well Grant, girl power is important." Gracie says.

"Yeah, that's what I'll say when she takes all of our money. It wasn't a robbery. It was girl power." Mr. Greene says rolling his eyes. Asher chuckled and scrolled through apps on his phone.

"I'm actually really happy you came. These two never want to go anywhere fun. Not the beach or shopping."

"I went shopping with you earlier this week." Asher whined to Gracie.

"Because I hid your phone."

"He still went." Grant said in a monotone.

"But that's not the point."

"No, it's the principle." Grant said.

"Men make it seem like we ask you to move mountains and give us parts of the moon. It's two hours watching us change in and out of clothes."

"Preach." I muttered wrapping my arms around my knees and leaning into Asher.

"Asher, tag team buddy." Grant said obviously drowning.

"Two weeks in a cabin with them? I'm not pushing the boat anymore than you have. I'll give Peyton Elizabeth her money and go to the beach with mom." Asher says wrapping his arm around me.

"Damn, didn't think I'd have to worry about your loyalties being elsewhere until your junior year in college." Grant frowned pulling on to the freeway.

"My loyalties have strayed." Asher smiles at me. I quickly press my lips to his and lean back down cradling my body in his larger one.

"So very far, my son."

"Yet, not far at all." Asher smirks at his dad. Or grandfather. Haven't worked that out yet.


Somewhere around Nevada we stopped to sleep and eat. We bought two rooms. One for the girls and one for the boys. After sharing a box of pizza and proving girls can spend five hours just getting ready for bed we both finally got into bed. Asher had text me a few times telling me he'd see me tomorrow.

"You make him incredibly happy." Gracie says smiling.

"He makes me better." I said wrapping the blanket around myself.

"I didn't like you at first. But over time you have softened me up." She smiles.

"Yeah, everything was incredibly off with Asher and I. If you had told me a month ago that'd I'd be here I wouldn't have believed you." I said honestly.

"I'm sorry about your sister. I wish I could've helped in someway."

"It's fine. It wasn't your problem."

"But, it is. I care about whatever and whoever Asher cares about. He cares about you. So I care about you." She smiled. I chuckled and a knock touched our hotel room door. I got rounding a small bend to the door.

"Hey." Asher smiled. He looked happier every time I saw him. I was making him happy.

"Hey, isn't it a little late to be roaming the halls of the Hilton?" I asked smirking.

"I came to see if you wanted to go for a walk?" I smiled and walked into the room leaving the door open.

"Was it extra pillows?" Gracie asked hope filling her eyes.

"No, Asher." I smiled handing her a few of the pillows on my bed before grabbing Asher's jacket and wrapping it around myself. I was in sports shorts and a teeshirt. Asher was in sweats and a teeshirt. We both only had socks.

"Where are we going?" I asked holding Asher's hand.

"There's a cafe downstairs. It open twenty-four hours a day." He says as we walk through the soundless hallways. The cafe wasn't too full. It wasn't too late so I didn't expect there to not be anyone at all. The cafe was incredibly chill. It had a lounge and booths with cushion and throughout the place there were random tables. I took a booth and let Asher order our drinks. A few business type men and women walked past me and so did a couple small girls. I pulled out my phone checking the time. We were meeting part of Asher's family for brunch tomorrow and then we'd drive the last half to Arizona. You could tell Asher was getting antsy from not being able to have all my attention all the time.

"Here you go." Asher said handing me my drink.

"You are awesome. Thank you." I smiled taking the steaming mug from his hands. I hissed as the heat burned my fingertips.

"This actually isn't terrible. I'm more worried about the reunion than anything." Asher smiled sipping his drink. I sipped my drink and smiled.

Pumpkin spice coffee.

"It'll be second cousins and whatnot." I murmured.

"Yeah, most of the girls are at least nine. They aren't many. That's why mom's always so lonely and they have more kids. Gracie and Grant." Asher informed drinking more of his drink.

"So Phillip?"

"My uncle. He was too young to adopt me."

"That's gotta suck. I bet he wanted to help, though." I said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Aric, my cousin, he's older than me by about a month. His mom died too. We've always been close."

"I bet." I smiled.

"He'll be sure to inform you that I'm an asshole and an idiot. He likes to tell people that." Asher nodded smiling.

"I think I already know that." I chuckled. Asher turned to me and pressed his lips to mine wrapping his arm around my waist.

"At the cabin, you're sleeping with me." He mumbled moving his lips down my neck.

"Only if everyone permits." I moaned my eyes closing as Asher's hand moved up my thigh.

"Trust me, they'll permit." He smirked kissing behind my ear softly. I bit my lip realizing we weren't alone. There were children here.

"Well, until they do we need to keep it PG." I said kissing him softly but not moving his hand. What everyone else couldn't see wouldn't hurt them.

"PG?" He asks smiling at me.

"Don't act like you don't know what PG means."

"Please educate me." He replies.

"I'm going to make a line. On my body. Ooh, or better I'll just make a list of places you can't touch while we are around your family."

"I wasn't aware there were places I could touch while we were alone."

"Actually, I'll make two lists. Never touch and when we're alone." I said pulling my knees in to my chest.

"I think I know what I am allowed to touch."

"Well then this conversation is done."

"Doesn't mean I wouldn't like you to tell me."



"Shut the fuck up."


The next morning I was horribly tired. Luckily we still had someways to drive until brunch. Asher kept me up all night just talking about everything. I was actually really excited to meet Asher's family. Everything was so different now. Everything was fine. Mrs. Greene had braided my hair happily. She says having two sons and raising a grandson makes her miss having a daughter. The restaurant was pretty extravagant. I wore a huge red sweater that was see through and underneath was a black camisole. I wore a pair of black skinny jeans that were tattered at the knees. Asher wore jeans and a flannel with a teeshirt underneath. Grant and Gracie wore casual wear. Gracie wearing a beautiful orange sun dress and Grant wearing polo shirts and a matching green polo shirt tucked in.

"Peyton." Asher whispered in my ear.

"Hmm?" I asked cuddling into his body. With Asher it was easy to lose yourself. To forget your surroundings.

"We're here. Come on." He muttered kissing the side of my face and pulling me out of the car. I stretched out yawning loudly and walking inside behind the Greene's. The restaurant was painted vibrantly the walls mimicking an abstract art wall.

"Dad!" A Man I assumed was Philip from his undeniable resemblance to Grant and the fact he said dad.

"Henry!" Grant smiled hugging the man. Oh I forgot. Two sons.

"Mom!" Henry smiled gently embracing Gracie. Gracie smiled holding Henry's fave between her hands and whispering something to him. Henry rolled his eyes chuckling and nodding.

"Last but not least Asher." Henry said. Henry was undeniably good looking. Quaffed black hair and sharp blue eyes. More like pools of dangerous waters. He seemed dangerous. Almost juvenile.

"Henry, it's always a pleasure to see you." Asher said pulling me closer to him.

"I heard you beat Phillip in a bet. Let me see the beauty." Henry said his lip being roughly pulled between his teeth. I flipped some hair off my shoulder and walked up to the man smiling.

"Hello." I said softly. I was so tired I was basically using Asher as my support. He had one arm around my waist keeping me upright.

"God! Asher, I don't know what you did but tell me how you managed to score a beauty like this one." Henry smiled along my hand and pressing his lips to the back.

"Lots of hard work and determination." Asher smiled at me. Henry took my hand pulling me towards him. My free hand fell on his chest making some imaginary form of room in between me and the older man.

"Hard work?" Henry asked smirking down at me.

"Yes, now, can I have my girlfriend back?" Asher asked.

" don't know, I think I'll need to hang out with her before I can just let her run off with the likes off you." Henry smiles. I'm smiling too. Because even if we aren't dating Asher still sees me as his girlfriend. But I guess I can't say the same. Asher is much more than a boyfriend to me. He's physically, mentally and emotionally mine.

"Let the girl go, Henry." Another man older in facial structures but similar in build says from a short distance.

"Phillip is always ruining my fun." Henry winks at me before holding me out gently to Asher who wraps his arm around me.

"I wouldn't call it that. I'd call it keeping you out of trouble." Phillip smiled his eyes lightening up as he sees his brother.

"We can't all be happily married." Henry teases.

"Yes, but you could try." A woman says sliding her small hands into Phillip's larger ones.

"Cecilia, what a surprise. I thought you finally died." Henry says pulling out a flask from his pocket and sipping from it.

"And I thought you finally found a decent job. We can't all be successful."

"Stripping isn't a valid occupation." Henry snaps closing his flask tightly.

"I'm surprised you can spell occupation."

"Phillip, put a muzzle on your dog." Henry says sharply.

"Don't call me a dog." Cecilia scoffs.

"I meant something else." Henry retorts.

"Henry, you were always a charmer." A younger guy smiles. Cecilia smiles and clings Phillip ruffling the boy's hair.

"Aric, how does it feel to lose?" Henry asks the boy smirking.

"I sometimes ask how we are related." Aric says to Henry hugging the older man.

"Sperm is an amazing thing. Too bad your mom swallowed the first few." Henry chuckled. Asher cleared his throat reminding Henry that I was present.

"Well, I almost didn't see you two over there." Cecilia smiled walking up to me and pulling me in a hug. Henry put two fingers in his mouth and pretending to shoot himself making me chuckle.

"Hey, I'm Aric. I'm actually quite amazed Asher was able to set aside his frequent lover ways." Aric smirks.

"That's the nicest way to say man whore I've ever heard." I chuckled.

"Well, my cousin has whorish tendencies."

"See, I told you he wouldn't call you an asshole." I smiled at Asher who simply rolled his eyes.

"I see my name has come up. All good things I hope."

"Yes, I've heard much about you."

"I can't say the same. That either means you're good or extremely bad." Aric smirks.

"I'll let you be the one to make that decision." I smiled happily.

"Well, the latter is being decided with that response."

"The latter," I mused nodding my head slowly. Asher squeezed my side and moved us towards the table where Grant and Gracie. Time for brunch.


I personally love Henry Greene.

I made a playlist if you wanted to listen to some of the songs while yanno reading. If you have them great if you don't I'll probably make an 8 track or whatever.

Bad Intentions Playlist

Ron Pope- A drop in the ocean

Lil Rain- Adore you

Justin Beiber- All that Matters

A Love Like War- All Time Low

Lost In Stereo- All Time Low

Oh Calamity- All Time Low

Talking to the moon- Bruno Mars

Car Radio- Twenty one pilots

Story of an immigrant- Civil Twilight

Got It- Marian Hill

High(acoustic)- Young Sons Rising

Habits(cover)- Young Sons Rising

Apologize- one republic

Take Me To Church- Hozier

Secrets- one republic

Latch(acoustic)- Sam Smith

Tongue Tied- GroupLove

Earned It- The Weekend

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