Bad Intentions

"Does it bug you?"

"Does what bug me"

"Does it bug you that I know you better than you know you?"


Peyton Andrews has parents that want her to be perfect. Has siblings that want her to be cool and friends that want her to be fun. But when she meets Asher she falls for him because he wants to her to be herself


19. /1:9/


The next morning I had an appointment with mom's doctor. I didn't even have to think about it. I knew what I wanted to do.

"So, I think you should get the surgery. It could prolong her life."

"No, she has no more to live for. If she dies tomorrow then that happens. I'm not signing off on the surgery." I said finalizing my decision.

"That's incredibly selfish." The doctor says.

"It benefits me in no way." I shrugged.

"So what made you decide on letting her die?" The doctor questions.

"I realized I don't need a mom. I didn't need one two years ago and I don't need one now." I stated honestly.

"You don't need one, but she needs a daughter."

"You know as much as I do that she doesn't."

"Well, I guess this is the last time we will see one another?" She asks.

"I don't plan to ever see you again." I said truthfully.

"Well, it was a fun four years." She says.

"Only on your side." I said collecting my stuff and walking out of the office. As I walked to the elevator a weight was lifted off of my chest. One step at a time. I drove to school throwing the paperwork in the back seat and humming along with the radio. The school seemed farther when I wasn't in a rush. I was late already no point in rushing off to school. Then I remember why I might consider rushing.


I bit my lip and smiled as I remember the many events that had led up to last night. I walked in to the main campus and walked over to the cafeteria. I stood in the mist of the crowd seeing if Asher had really ended things with Hayley. Sure enough he was sitting in the empty seat that was always beside me. I grabbed a sandwich and a soda before waltzing off to my seat. Asher's eyes brightened as he saw me.

"Peyton." He smiled. His entire demeanor changed as slid into my seat.

"Asher." I sighed smiling softly. Angela smiled at me brightly before returning to converse with Sunshine and Danny.

"You don't seem as happy to see me as I am to see you." He frowned taking hold of my hand. I watched him interlace our fingers and brush his lips against mine.

"Trust me, I'm more than happy to see you." I mumbled stealing a fry from his tray.

"So how'd you sleep?" He asked. I looked over at Asher. His bluish gray eyes looked much more piercing.

"Where's Hayley?" I asked noticing she wasn't here.

"She decided that she should probably not hang out with a table of lovebirds." Sunshine said leaning on Danny's shoulder.

"That's unfortunate." I muttered turning to Asher.

"Incredibly. I was thinking about our first date."

"Speaking of dates. You and I have one this Friday." I said eating my sandwich.

"Do we? May I ask where?"

"My birth father and his son want to meet you." I informed.

"Oh. I thought you said he was dead."

"I said he wasn't alive anymore. Since he got married his eyes have dimmed and his soul has almost left. Jasper is the only reason he is still almost sane. He's like a air tank. Supplying enough so he'll make it.

"It's not something big, it's just so they can see you're not my boyfriend." I said biting my lip. That didn't come out right.

"That was rude of me. I meant you and I aren't dating. Oh, that didn't sound any better." I muttered to myself.

"I get it. I understand what you're trying to say." He said smiling at me.

"I don't know what I did to deserve you. Sometimes you aren't real."

"You deserve way more than some petty high school romance." He said honestly.

"Are you coming over tonight?" I asked. Asher smiled and leaned in pressing his lips on mine. I pulled away looking away as my cheeks grew hot.

"I could make something work." He muttered running his thumb over my bottom lip.


"This is stupid." Asher whispered in my ear. We were watching Saturday Night Live. Well I was watching it and Asher was randomly kissing me and messing with my hair and fingers.

"You're stupid." I retort smiling dumbly at the computer screen.

"There are so many other things we could be doing right now." He said peppering my neck with kisses that sent a mass wave of shivers down my spine grasping on and shaking me from the inside out.

"I don't think so, Mr. Greene." I replied smiling up at him.

"Yeah, there are many activities that We could engage in. Would you like an example?"

"No, but I'm sure you'll show me." I muttered shutting my laptop and sliding it behind my bed safely. Asher moved so I was laying under him and he was knelt down between my legs and his hands on my waist. He leant down and pressed a kiss to my neck and then another, moving up and down my collar bone. His hands moved up from my waist and I felt his warm fingers on my bare abdomen. My fingers roamed through his endless locks of hair as my eyes fluttered closed. I allowed myself to be in enthralled in the slow steady movements of Asher's lips on my skin. If only my breathing would agree with the rest of my body. Asher could hear my heart because he slowed down attempting to make my heart rate do the same.

"Asher, you give me high blood pressure." I said biting my lip as a moaned pressed through attempting to escape the locks of my mouth.

"I'm not surprised." He muttered cockily. I rolled my eyes as he moved up pressing his soft tender lips to my own. All the while Asher's hands hungrily explored parts of my body I could only fantasize about. Asher was slowly pulling away and I could only follow him. I ran my hand down his hair and around the side of his neck pulling him closer to me. My other hand slid up his shirt tracing the lines and creases made by his abs. My hand moved like a pencil up and down his body lifting the shirt up and down as I pleased.

"I have to go home, Peyton." Asher moaned as I pulled his shirt off and pulled him down so I wasn't sitting up.

"Five more minutes." I begged as he ducked his head in the crook of my neck. Most of the noises that filled the room were short and quiet moans that trampled over each other like a bad dance move. The sounds sat on top of us clouding our minds with nothing but lustful desires.

"I promise I'll be back tomorrow and everyday after just to hear you moan my name like that." He smiled kissing my forehead and grabbing his shirt from off the floor.

"I agree. We should engage in activities more often." I smiled walking out of my room with Asher in tow. I walked him to the door and sighed as he smiled devilishly at me.

"Don't forget we leave Sunday morning for the lake." He says holding my hand. His hands were rough and warm as they touched my cold ones.

"I won't. Don't forget that Friday night we are driving to Noel and Jasper's. Remember. Birth father and brother?" I reminded subtly.

"I won't." He says leaning in to kiss me one last time. I sigh softly content with the everlasting warmth his lips sent to my own.

"Bye, Ash." I smiled letting go of his hand.

"We need to come up with more original nicknames." He shouts getting into his car.

"It's either Ash or Jr. Warbucks." I negotiated.

"I've got a few names I'd like you to keep in mind." He smiled

"I'm not calling you Daddy."

"Don't knock it until you try, beautiful." He said as he drove away. I wrapped my arms around myself and walked inside. I pulled my phone out and called Jasper.

"Peyton!" Jasper shouted happily. His excitement enveloped me in a blanket of affection.

"Hey, booger." I greeted walking around the house.

"So, are you going to another party?" He asks.

"No, I don't go to parties everyday."

"Oh, well Johnny, a boy in my class, says when teenagers go to parties they do bad things. Did you do any bad things?" He questioned.

"No, I didn't do any bad things." I chuckled.

"Daddy said you wouldn't." He sighed relieved.

"Trust me, if I ever did anything bad you'd be the first to know about it." I promised walking to the kitchen and searching for a snack.

"I don't do bad things, either." Jasper smiles.

"You'd better not. I'd have to put you in a box." I teased.

"Why a box!"

"You can't do bad things in a box." I shrugged grabbing a muffin and a bottle of Sunny D.

"That's not a bad idea." He said pondering the pros and cons of box life.

"How was school today? What'd ya learn?" I asked unwrapping the muffin.

"Well, we learned about basic math and anything times one equals the number it was times'd by." He said trying to fix his sentence.

"Anything times one equals itself." I offered picking off pieces of the muffin.

"Yes! That's what the teacher said. You're so smart." Jasper complimented.

"Not as smart as you, small one."

"How was your day at school? What'd you learn?"

"Nothing and it was fine." I shrugged.

"You didn't learn anything?!" He asked shock clear in his voice.

"I mean I'm sure we did. I don't listen in class. I need to start doing that though." I said eating more of the muffin.

"Learning is kinda cool. Nothing is the same. My favorite subject is history. I like learning about the pilgrims and the Indians. Did you know Indians were really native Americans? Columbus got it wrong." He explained.

"Are you serious?!" I asked encouraging him to go on.

"Yeah, and he got money from the queen after she said no, the first few times. He convinced her to say yes." He went on.

"They didn't teach me this when I was in kindergarten." I mused honestly.

"Well we both go to private school now so," he trailed off.

"I guess that's how that goes." I laughed smiling at Rosalinda. She was motioning to my clothes and to the set dinner table.

"Peyton? Mommy says I've got to get a bath."

"Oh, yeah, I'll let you go." I said saying my goodbyes as he hung up. My mother and Cynthia came down the stairs smiling and dressed rather nicely for a family dinner. I picked more of my muffin as they looked at me confused.

"Who died?" I asked finishing off my muffin.

"The Greene's are coming over. Mr. Greene and your father are going over some finalized details about the election." My mother says.

"Wait, the Greene's are coming here? Tonight?" I asked standing from my seat.

"Yeah, did you not get my email yesterday? It's in a couple hours." Cynthia says looking at her pretty little wrist watch.

"Godddamn it." I muttered carrying my Sunny D upstairs to my room.


"You look fine." Asher said while I was fixing my hair. We were in the balcony with Mrs. Greene, Penelope and Cynthia. While Mr. Greene and Allan talked inside.

"I didn't know you were coming over." I said sighing as my hair curled tightly.

"I thought that was what you meant by coming over tonight." He whispered in my ear kissing my neck.

"No, I meant 'engage in activities'." I said air quoting our earlier used term.

"So that's what we're calling it?" He asks smiling down at me.

"Well, it'll be like a code word." I shrugged.

"How long do you think we'll have to engage in activities before dinner?" He asked me standing up. I looked around at the other ladies. They were oblivious to our presence.

"I say a good 10 minutes.15 if we use a guest room." I said pulling Asher through the house and down the hall. I wiggled door handles looking for an empty room with a bed in it. A guest room at the corner of the hall was open and I sighed relieved and turned so that Asher's mouth was on my own in a matter of seconds. Asher's hand was on my waist pressing me against the wall as his lips made their way along my neck. I bit my lip as moans threatened to escape.

"Asher." I sighed as he carried me to the bed laying me down and sliding his hand up the side of my leg, kissing me more passionately each time. I wasted half of high school hating a sex God. That's like hating Jesus and realizing he was a Messiah days before you died. Asher's breathing was unsteady and part of me felt excited that I had that effect on him. That I could turn him on. My hands unbuttoned Asher's shirt and pushed up his teeshirt. His body was absolutely amazing. His teeth nipped at my collarbone as his fingers played with the waist band of my underwear. My heart raced as his hand moved closer and closer to my core. His lips moulded to mine as hums of pleasure left my throat as Asher's hand moved lower down my black skirt. Asher's fingers were tracing the outline of my core before my phone rang. I groaned angrily as Asher sat up. The moon peaked through the blinds of the window illuminating Asher's bare torso.

"Dinner time." He smiled pulling me up and kissing me softly and lovingly squeezing my waist and sighing as he released me.

"I would say something sexual but it would probably sound a bit disturbing." I said fixing my clothes and hair as he buttoned his shirt up.

"I would love to hear all of the incredibly sexy things you'd like to tell me." He smirked at me looking down at himself frowning. I followed his eyes and muffled a laugh as I realized Asher had a penis problem.

"Might want to drop your tent, Mr. Greene." I said laughing breathlessly.

"This is all your fault." Asher blamed closing his eyes.

"What are you doing?" I asked walking towards him.

"Thinking about my grandmother in a bikini and dead cats." He frowned.


"Because thinking of you in a bikini and you holding living cats will only make my situation worse." He muttered softly.

"So cats turn you on?" I asked giggling.

"No, Peyton Elizabeth." He said closing his eyes tighter.

"Do you want me to go? Obviously I'm a bit to hot for you." I smiled.

"Shut up." He said softly a hint of a smile on his lips.

"I mean, I would tell you to come on but you may take that literally." I said my laughter filling the room.

"Why are you doing this?" He asked laying on the bed.

"I just don't want you to get to cocky." I teased.

"Get out." He demanded pointing to the door. His eyes still closed. I smiled chuckling to myself as I left the room. I walked to the dining room and sat down between my mother and Cynthia. Everyone looked at me questions in their eyes.

"Where's Asher?" My mother asked. I bit my lip to stop from choking.

"He's using the bathroom." I muttered giving up on trying to explain why I was acting weird.


Sooooo that happened.

Who likes my boner puns...

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