Bad Intentions

"Does it bug you?"

"Does what bug me"

"Does it bug you that I know you better than you know you?"


Peyton Andrews has parents that want her to be perfect. Has siblings that want her to be cool and friends that want her to be fun. But when she meets Asher she falls for him because he wants to her to be herself


7. /0:7/


I sighed and tucked the envelope back under my pillow. My arms wrapped around my legs.

"What to do? What to do?" I asked myself looking around my room. I stood up and started straightening up. Tossing dirty clothes in a hamper and hanging and folding clean ones. I washed my sheets and blanket and even started a science report. By the time I started to wash my windows I heard my mother call me for dinner. I ignored her and continued to wash. The window was starting to reflect and shine. The moon was full and glowing lighting my room up. I picked up a book that was lying in the center of my room.

"10 Ways to Being A Successful Teen. Yeah right." I snort tossing the book on a shelf. I laid in bed and looked around to see what my life would have to come to. Boring.

"I'll write a book, 100 Ways to Fuck Up in One Day. Illustrations by My Birth Mother. Published by God at the house of all the great big jokes." I sighed and turned to lay on my stomach. My eyes closed and I was drifting into a deep sleep.



Asher sat next to me copying the notes he'd missed being out. I tapped my pen softly on the table. Cathy and Skylar made heart eyes at Asher and the teacher droned on about industrial america. I think I have been more tolerant. It is my first week free from my incarceration and I planned to do everything I wanted. Seth and I have been doing multiple things since I've been out of my house and I think this is the start to something good.

I jumped up quickly waiting for Andy at the door. He waved me on saying he had to take care of something but he'd catch me later. I shrugged. Ever since the party Andy has been acting off. I shrugged it off walking to my locker. Seth was there fixing his hair and looking at the ground. I interlaced our hands and he looked up smiling softly.

"Hey you." He said pressing his lips to mine. I smiled content that he was mine and I was his. I just liked him so much it was surreal.

"Hey, so you know that really cool pizza place on sixth?" I ask as we walk to science.

"Yeah, the one I told you about?" He asked smiling at me.

"We don't need to credit anyone. I just think we should check it out." I say walking into class with him.

"I'll pick you up at 7." He mumbles kissing me softly once more before pulling on a lab coat. I reach my own and tug it over my shoulders. The class goes by quickly and soon I'm off to lunch. Lunch is always an easy thing for me. I always spend my hour sleeping in the nurses office. I walk to my locker and pull out my brown paper bag. My feet carry me to the clinic and I knock softly on the door.

"Come in." The nurse says. She smiles at me as I come in.

"It's roast beef on rye, I'm pretty sure there's some sauerkraut in there too." I said handing the nurse my bag and opening a cabinet and pulling out a blanket. I look in another drawer taking out a pillow and I set my timer and lay on a cot. My eyes slip into a unconsciousness.


I'm in a hospital room. Not laying down. I hear someone crying. I turn to see whose in the bed. I can't. I see Quinn.

"Quinn?! Quinn?! Who's hurt? Why are you crying?!" I shout. She just ignores me and continues to cry. I look for Ethan and my dad and mom. They aren't here. I turn to hold Quinn but she's gone. I'm all alone. Tears slip from my eyes and I start crying.

"Please!" I beg. "Someone come, help me. What's happening?! I'm so confused, please, help me." I cried. I pair of arms wrapped around me pulling me to its body.

"It's okay, you're going to be okay." the voice said. I looked up and clear as day was Asher Greene. His eyes cold grayish blue eyes looking so soft and protective. He was going to keep me safe. I was safe.


After school I headed home and sat in my closet. Why was I having dreams about Asher? I didn't like him. He wasn't my type. I chuckled softly to myself. I have a type. My type is Seth. My phone vibrated in my back pocket and I pulled it out placing it to my ear.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Peyton? Hi, it's Carol. Is Andy there?" Mrs.Richardson asked sounding panicked.

"Um, no. I haven't seen him since this morning." I said pulling my hair back and laying on my bed.

"Oh, have you noticed anything off about him? He's been acting strange lately." She says.

"It's Andy we are talking about, just uh, is he taking his medicine?" I asked.

"I'm not sure, oh God! You don't think he's having an episode, do you?" She asks panic in her voice.

"No, I'm sure it's nothing. Most likely it's a sex thing. He doesn't like you knowing his sexual being. You're his favorite person." I reassured her.

"You're probably right. It's most likely nothing. I'm just being paranoid. Sorry to disturb you, hope to see you at the banquet next week." She says.

"Yeah, no problem. See you there." I said hanging up. I scroll through my contacts and click on Andy's. It rings and rings and no answer. I text him and I call again.

"Hello?" He asks.

"Hey, what's up?" I ask harshly.

"Nothing, what's up with you?" He asked equally as harsh.

"Where are you? What are you doing? You've got your mom worried sick! And let alone myself." I scolded.

"Alright! What are you? My parole officer?" He asks laughing.

"When's the last time you took your antidepressants?" I ask.

"This morning." He said clearing his throat.

"You're lying, when was the last time you took your medicine?" I asked again.

"Look, I've gotta go. I don't have time for this interrogation. Bye." He said hanging up. I groan and tug on my shoes hurriedly and rush downstairs.

"Hey, slow down." Ethan said walking around me. I stepped outside and kicked a rock. I had no idea where he was. I couldn't help him. I slumped and sat on the porch steps looking out onto the streets.


"He totally blew me off. You'd think that he'd feel confident enough to tell me what's happening." I said sadly. I was pacing the floor in Seth's bedroom trying to make sense of what was happening.

"Come here." He said opening his arms. I crawled on his bed and laid in his arms. He pressed his lips to the top of my head.

"Thank you for listening." I said frustrated by not as stressed.

"You need to put things in perspective. We can't all have the same priorities. Maybe he's got a lot on his plate. You don't know. And attacking him won't help. He'll just be more distant than before." He said.

"I just wish I knew what was happening in his idiotic head." I mumbled.

"Give it time. Don't do anything impulsive. The situation might already be at its peak."

"You're right. I should probably just sit it out." I sighed. He smiled and pressed his lips on mine moving so he was on top of me. My arms wrapped around his neck bringing him closer to myself.

"Sorry, I cancelled our date." I said pulling back.

"This is better than any lousy slice of pizza." He smiled kissing me again. I then got this feeling in my stomach. It was queasy and didn't feel right. This all didn't feel right.

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