Bad Intentions

"Does it bug you?"

"Does what bug me"

"Does it bug you that I know you better than you know you?"


Peyton Andrews has parents that want her to be perfect. Has siblings that want her to be cool and friends that want her to be fun. But when she meets Asher she falls for him because he wants to her to be herself


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I gnawed on my bottom lip pondering what I should do. If I called someone then they'd know I was totally drunk, but if I didn't I would have to endure a day of Asher. I pondered for a while until I heard a shriek.

"Asher es was ist das kn mein Stock?" I heard Mrs. Greene shout.

"Mutter ihre Ordnung, es war ein Unfall gestern Abend. peyton elizabeth ist da sie krank war." I heard Asher reply. I listened closer as though I'd be able to decipher this conversation.

"Peyton Elizabeth hier ist? sie ist krank? Sie haben ihre Eltern angerufen?" Mrs. Greene replied.

"Gestern Abend gingen wir zu einer Versammlung , mit den Getränken gibt , kotzte sie. shes Ordnung." I head Asher say. I walked out into the hallway and smiled at a worried Mrs. Greene.

"bieten ihre Speisen. nicht ein Schwein sein." Mrs. Greene instructed. She smiled wholeheartedly at me.

"Asher ? warum ist deine Mutter in Deutsch sprechen?" Mr. Greene asked walking out with a silk robe on.

"Ihr Teppich wurde von unseren Gästen ruiniert. sie in Schock." Asher said eyeing me.

"peyton elizabeth sprechen Sie Deutsch?" Asher said looking at me.

"If this is a bad time, I can go." I said trying to bring this back to an English conversation.

"Sie wollen, dass sie zu verlassen? sie ist offensichtlich nicht hilfreich für unsere Situation." Asher said nodding to me.

"Situation? in welcher Situation?" Mr. Greene asked. So far I'm almost 120% sure that they are discussing what to do with me.

"Mothers lappen , ich meine Teppich. und mit dem Gast . wir können nicht ihre Eltern sagen." Asher said pointing to the ruined carpet.

"nicht materielle Dinge ärgern können ersetzt oder festgelegt werden." Mr. Greene said smiling at his wife.

"ok dann seine angesiedelt. laden sie zum Frühstück bleiben." Mrs. Greene smiled back

"ich denke, dass sie nach Hause gehen will , brachte ich sie hier gegen ihren Willen." Asher said avoiding my eyes.

"Wie wollen Sie bekam ich einen Fang wie Ihre Mutter?" Mr. Greene said chuckling. Mrs. Greene pushed him playfully.

"inkompetent Schweine Arschloch." Mrs. Greene mutters walking away

"Peyton Elizabeth, would you like to stay for breakfast?" Mr. Greene asked finally speaking in English. I sighed heavily happy we could all understand each other once again.

"Um, yes I would love to." I smiled at them. They nodded and went off ordering their personal chefs to whip up a meal called, Symbol von Kämmen der familes. Mr. and Mrs. Greene walked away from us maybe together I didn't notice.

"What was that all about?" I asked Asher. He glanced down at me tiredly.

"They wanted to know about the rug." He shrugged softly. I felt like there was more he wasn't telling me. Something about that conversation seemed tense and unwavering. But then again I didn't speak anything other than English.

"So, I was wondering if I could bum it here until my hangover passed?" I asked slightly unsure if he'd say yes or no. I was a total bitch to him.

"Yeah, stay as long as you need." He said smiling at me. I sighed relief washing over me. Regardless of my undeniable need to avoid Asher Greene, I needed him now to keep me from my parents.


"Led Zeppelin is way better than The Doors." I protested as I laid on Asher's bed. He had kept me company by totally bashing my beliefs in anything.

"Of course you'd say that. America is the birthplace of copyright and mainstream." He said staring at his ceiling.

"Only ignorant people say that."

"Only ignorant people tell others what ignorant people do." He replied running his tongue over his bottom lip and pulling the lip between his teeth.

"Anyone who doubts Led Zeppelin, wants to go to hell." I said honestly. I wasn't even a fan of Led Zeppelin I just knew good music when it hit me.

"Well, I've decided I want to go to hell then. They are obviously the only people with good music taste." He teased me. I laughed running a hand through my hair. Asher turned to look at me.

"You have a beautiful smile." He said looking me dead in the eyes. my heart turned oddly in my chest. I could feel the blood pulsing through it.

"Thank you." I said hugging myself. Asher's eyes searched my face looking for any signs of approval.

"I should probably get going. I still have to call Seth, my boyfriend." I clarified grabbing my phone and moving towards the door.

"Well, allow me to drive you home." Asher offers pulling his white shirt off to replace it with a black one. I watch as his muscles flex around the fabric. It stretches out as he fixes it around the edges.

"No, no it's fine. It's not that far a walk and I need to go see Seth, my boyfriend, anyways. Because you know he's my boyfriend." I stuttered walking out of the door and downstairs to the main exit. I started walking further east. I wasn't going to see Seth. My feet rocks as I sat at the bus stop. Cars passed and I made it a game to count all the blue ones. After 128 I gave up. The bus finally arrived and this time I sat in the middle. In the middle. There was a spunky red headed girl sitting there with a box of Girl Scout cookies.

"Would you like to buy a box of Girl Scout cookies?" She asked smiling at me.

"Not really, I'm sorry." I said turning to far the front of the bus.

"What if give you a deal? Buy two get one free?" She asks. My voice is locked in my throat. I can feel the words forming in my chest but I can't speak. I shake my head vigorously and jump up getting off at the next stop.

My head is pounding as I vomit behind a bush. I walk further down the street and sigh realizing I was walking aimlessly about. No real destination. I pulled out my phone and called Ethan.

"Hello?" He answered.

"Hey, can you come get me?" I asked him. I sat on a bench in front of a convenience store.

"Where are you?" He asked. I heard shuffling and the sound of jingled keys.

"About 8 blocks east of our house. I'm by a few chain stores." I said looking around.

"Alright, I'm on my way." He said hanging the phone up. I sighed and went back to my pointless game of counting blue cars. It was a strenuous task that provided absolutely no pleasure. I bought a hot dog and a drink from the convenience store. The hotdog didn't really get eaten as much as rotated in my hand. The heat burned my fingertips. Maybe I enjoyed it. The pain, I don't remember crying the entire night. And honestly it hurt like hell. Maybe I enjoyed hanging out with my mom because I enjoyed the pain her meds put her through. I enjoyed the sadness that slid through her every morning. I was a masochistic bitch.

"Are you okay?" I heard someone ask. It was the Girl Scout on the bus. I sighed and dug in my person taking out a $20 dollar bill.

"I'll take four boxes of thin mints." I said hanging her the money. She smiled and pulled out four green boxes. I collected them and placed my half eaten hot dog on the side. My fingers traced the letters on the box.

"Thank you so much." She smiled placing the money in a Manila envelope. I nodded and opened the box taking a cookie and biting it. My stomach honestly did a clap for my great investment in its favor. The little girl smiled and walked away just as Ethan's car pulled up to the convenience store.

"It's about time." I said sliding into the car.

"Shut up." He said taking a box of cookies and tearing the box open.

"What'd you tell mom and dad?" I asked him already knowing he snitched on me.

"I told them that you were taking an early morning walk and got lost." He said pulling out of the shopping center.

"They did. And then The Greene's called and told them that you'd just left their house after spending the night. Mom and dad are furious."

"Oh god!" I said sliding back into my seat.

"I've never seen dad's neck pop out so hard. I thought he was having a stroke." Ethan chuckled.

"Kill me and throw me in a ditch. That probably won't hurt as bad." I said cringing as we turned into our neighborhood.

"C'mon, mom told dad to calm his shit."

"Doesn't mean he will." I said.


"What were you thinking!?" My father shouted at me.

"It wasn't supposed to be a wild party, it was held by Priscilla Gavanaugh." I said thinking that would explain everything.

"But you should have been responsible for you. Drinking?! You are underage!" He stated.

"It wasn't only me." I muttered.

"You think that's an excuse? That's not going to hold up in a state of court! Peyton Elizabeth I want you to really think about everything that you just said."

"I have!"

"You got drunk! You went to a party! You were taken by a stranger who, thank god, only wanted to help. You know what could have happened to you?"

"Yes! I know that I made a dumb decision! But that's why I am talking to you about it." I argued.

"It's be different if you'd came to us when you knew there was a problem." My mom said.

"And this conversation would be different? You know that's shit."I said laughing.

"Watch your language, young lady. You aren't going to turn this on us. I'm sorry that's it's in your genes to screw up. But you aren't going to take it out on your mother and I." He said. I scoffed.

"In my genes? Being fucked up isn't hereditary, but I guess that's why you guys don't have kids." I said. I said this without looking at my mom. She was going to be the most hurt.

"Clean up your act. I'm not here to raise screw ups. You don't have to be like your past."

"Be like my past? Do you hear yourself when you talk shit about me and my mom or is it just white noise?" I asked him.

"You're grounded for two weeks. You go to school you come here. No visitors. No dating, no friends, no electronics." I winced. No Netflix

"Fine." I huffed climbing the stairs to my bedroom. I punched a pillow and out fell and envelope. On top it had a number scribbled on it. I held it in my hand and sighed. I really didn't want this to be my only option.


Sorry for the German. Thought it'd be cool. It's a rough translation. German is hard.

Ugh! This was so aggravatingly long.

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