Soap a.g✗m.m

Should've never said the word 'love'
Threw a toaster in the bathtub

Coming soon January 2016


10. Chapter 9


Now that Melanie's gone, I don't know what to do with myself, I made her kill herself..I feel horrible

I haven't cleaned up or anything, I don't even make myself look nice for school.

8:30 am

I zip up my bookbag trudging out the door. My hair tied up in a messy, messy bun with a big black hoodie and some distressed shorts.

I walk inside the school, everyone giving me flowers and little pictures of Melanie with chocolates saying 'sorry for your loss'

"I'm so sorry Ariana...she's all in our prayers."

I nod a thanks.

I make way to my locker opening it to a bunch of roses and teddy bears.

It was all so sweet of them but it didn't get me happy, it didn't relieve the grief of me making Melanie kill herself..

It was 4th period and Mr. Hughes was talking about trigonometry. And I couldn't stop thinking about Melanie.

I bursted into tears and I couldn't control it.

" you need to be excused?" Mr Hughes asks me

"I got her from here.." An unfamiliar voice walks me to the bathroom.

"Here let's clean those eyes of yours so you can see." A voice tells me I couldn't see I was still balling in tears, it was a male.

Cold water touches my cheeks wiping my tears away.

I was still weeping and I felt muscular arms wrapping around me.

"It's ok..shh...shh..she's in a better place now."

He pulls me out of the hug..and I finally see who this guy is.

"Who are you?" I gently

"My name is Cameron Smith...sorry you just looked so sad and I wanted to help, sorry I wasn't trying to be weird I can leave if y-"

"No, no please don't leave...thank you, for comforting me." I grin "it's been hard."

"I've been through it..your not alone.."

"You did? What happened?"

"I saw my best friend kill himself right in front of was so tough."

"Wow..that makes me feel a little bit better." I chuckle.

"Well I'm always whenever you need me I got you."

"Thanks Cameron." I give him a 'thanks for saving me' hug


I love Cameron already

(Btw Cameron is lucky blue smith the model..HE'S BEAUTIFUL)

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