Soap a.g✗m.m

Should've never said the word 'love'
Threw a toaster in the bathtub

Coming soon January 2016


9. Chapter 8


I haven't talked to anyone since the day with Ariana.

She's constantly blowing up my phone, I don't answer, I just turn it heart is broken, forever.


I really fucked up...I didn't know she was gonna take it like that..I try calling her and texting but her phone is off.

"Gosh, what have I done!" I yell to myself.


If Ariana doesn't want me then I don't want myself,

I fill up my bathtub, with all the thoughts in my head.

"Should've never said the word love." I say each time after blood runs from my wrist.

Millions and millions of tears fall into the water.

It was time for me to go..I had a toaster next to me..I couldn't stop crying so I grab the toaster.

I decided to call Ariana to my last words

A- Hello?

M- .....

A- mel?

M- I love you..


After Mel said I love you all I could hear was screams and electricity flying through the phone

"Oh my god.." I cup my face while my phone drops out my hand.

"No no no...what have I done??"

Her song she recorded plays in the background

Think I just remembered something

I think I left the faucet running

Now my words are filling up the tub


Darlin you're just soaking in it,

But I know you'll get out the minute

You notice all your fingers pruning up


I'm tired of being, careful, tiptoe trying to keep the water warm

Let me under your skin


Uh oh, there it goes I said to much, it over flowed.

Why do I always spill?



I think I got my self in trouble,

So I fill the bath with bubbles

Then I put the towels all away

Should've never said the word "love"

Threw a toaster in the bathtub.

I'm sick of all the games I have to play.


That last verse played over and over in my head...


I have no words.

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